3 Ideal Jackets for Spring Summer


The shades, patterns and materials perfect to wear during the Spring Summer season: discover what we recommend for men’s jackets to look flawless even during the hot season.

Men’s summer jacket: our suggestions for originality and style in Spring Summer 2017

During the spring and summer seasons, it is the time for relaxation and enjoying sunny days in the open air. Although, we face the challenge of fighting off the heat and the humidity, especially during those hot days when we must remain in the city.

The need to feel comfortable in our clothes should not bend the rules of fine dressing.

A gentleman’s aim, especially in summer, is to maintain an elegant appearance whilst preventing the feeling of heat-discomfort. The solution is to find the appropriate choice of high performance fabrics of the right type and weight.

Here in our the summer collection, men’s jackets almost become fully de-structured, the volume becomes lighter, the inner lining nearly disappears completely and the silhouette enhances the shape of the body without obstructing movements.

The fabric is an important element for summer jackets as they can become noticeably lighter, ideal for hot summer days. Among the fabrics most suited for summer jackets, we recommend flax as well as a silk jersey blend and mohair wool, to create a shiny and anti-fold texture, perfect to pack in your suitcase.

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A Gentleman’s Routine To Pack For Travel

From the most casual to the formal recommendations, we present you 3 unique items in our Spring Summer 2017 selection:

Tagliatore Jacket, Spring Summer 2017

Tagliatore Jacket © Eredi Chiarini

Model: Jersay Stretch Jacket, cream color.
Pairing: Eredi Chiarini pocket square, Eredi Chiarini tie; Roda waistcoat; Barba shirt

Attolini Jacket, Spring Summer 2017

Attolini Jacket © Eredi Chiarini

Model: Attolini Jacket, checkered pattern in wool, silk and linen.
Matching: Eredi Chiarini pocket square, Eredi Chiarini tie, Eredi Chiarini shirt.

Lardini Jacket, Spring Summer 2017

Lardini Jacket © Eredi Chiarini

Model: Lardini Jacket, 100% silk checkered pattern.
Matching: Eredi Chiarini pocket square, Eredi Chiarini tie, Eredi Chiarini shirt.

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