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4 Books for a Man Who Loves to be Impeccable

Discover our ultimate book list, with valued men’s fashion guides, tips and tricks to be always elegant and how to always win over the much-feared wardrobe dilemmas.

Elegance is often innate, but don’t worry, there are sources to be used to your advantage that are fundamental to clarify ideas on the rules of dressing well, or simply, can help us to free our creativity and find the style that best suits us.

There are plenty of interesting books on male elegance and selecting the right one can be a challenge, and so here it is our personal list of our top titles:

1. Thomas Fink’s The Man’s Book: The Essential Guide for the Modern Man

“This book is a guide to the customs and pastimes of the men of today’.”
Eleven chapters in which we talk about fashion (for example: the impeccability in the wardrobes of the leaders of fashion, how to find the perfect length of your pants, how to tie a bow tie, etc.) but especially about the lifestyle and unwritten customs (such as preparing a cocktail, selecting the right shaving brush, tying boating knots, choosing your best man and more).

Recommended if: you consider yourself an old school gentleman or you are just curious to discover all the habits and rituals which, according to the author, define the life of a man.

2. Bernhard Roetzel’s A Guy’s Guide To Style

The title certainly does not disappoint. This book is really a precious guide, and a great summary of the fundamental information about how to dress according to elegant and timeless models.
The author guides us through a maze of the most diverse subjects, from choosing the fabric for a tailored suit, to the choice of the work wardrobe, passing through the list of all types of shoes possibly imaginable. As well as the much appreciated glossary, used to clarify even the most insidious doubts.

Recommended if: you are a true lover of ‘how to’ content, of which this book is very rich in providing (from removing stains from a shirt to making a tailored shoe!).

3. Sebastiano Di Rienzo’s Filo-sofia dell’abito: La maestria artigianale per filo e per segno. (Philosophy of the Gown: Craftsmanship by thread and by sign)

“Per filo e per segno”, an Italian saying to communicate down to every detail, is mirrored by the authors practice of over 40 years of study and work, facing the giant theme of a tailored men’s suit.

Philosophy of the Gown is a complete and precise book divided into two parts, the first half, dedicated to reveal and praise Italian tailoring; past and present tailors, the well dressed and the definition of elegance, understanding refinement, taste and a measured balance. The second half, for the more technical aspects involves a manual with illustrations on the technique of cutting and modeling a suit and with a final part dedicated to accessories that help a tailor-made suit even more treasurable.

Recommended if: do you think a man’s suit is an essential possession and if you are a lover of all things hand crafted.

4. Thomas Fink and Yong Mao’s 85 Ways to Tie a Tie

How many ways can you tie a tie?
In this book, elegance and science go hand in hand and help us explore all the possible combinations of folds and weaves.
In the year 1900 there was only one way to tie a tie, in the thirties, two (thanks to Edward, Prince of Wales), in 1989 (after 150 years from the invention of the tie) four, today, according to the authors, (with math theory at hand) we can free our creativity by tying the tie in eighty-five different ways, believe it or not!

Recommended if: you have an authentic passion for the tie and consider it an essential element of every outfit.

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