4 Hooks- The Return of the Iconic Fay Jacket


A classic no seasonal look. The men’s jackets from Fay, which has made history for itself, is available in our boutiques as an exclusive Limited Edition.

Inspired by the American firefighters uniforms, the Fay 4 Hooks jacket made its way into the men’s wardrobe in the 1980’s, becoming an indisputable leading brand icon in no time.

A treasured piece, but for some time, was unavailable in stores. Recently, the new 4 Hooks by Fay was presented at the Milan Fashion Week in July. From this Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 season, there will be a limited and numbered edition of this outstanding piece available at last.

Fay © Eredi Chiarini

The iconic jacket of Fay will have a dedicated showcase in October is available in our boutique at Via Rossa 33R in Florence, in black and red.

A prominent piece with timeless elegance and with indestructible quality: the historic 4 Hooks has been revisited while still remaining faithful to its origins.

Fay © Eredi Chiarini

Made of cordura nylon and with removable inner padding, this jacket is known for it’s characteristic, four hooks and so the precise metal materials are used to recreate the material and chromatic contrasts of the historic model of the 1980’s, as well as a velvet overlay and suede cuffs (the jacket is equipped with para to clean the suede details).

Want to purchase Fay’s 4 Hooks jacket? We’ll be waiting to meeting you at our boutique!