A Gentleman’s Routine To Pack For Travel

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Whether packing for a business trip or for a vacation, there is a certain method to be followed for different items of clothing and accessories to ensure an efficiently organized suitcase.

It’s a tedious task, but when done correctly, it can have it’s perks. Here is the advice that every gentleman should know about packing for travel.

The bag

Choose an appropriate bag, a popular option is a small rolling suitcase. Take note of the size, as it must fit your formal wear comfortably, without causing extra creases. If carrying a suit is most important, a small hanger bag is recommended. The exterior of the bag should not only be practical but stylish. Be sure your bag doesn’t blend into the rest by choosing a distinctive colour or print.

© Eredi Chiarini
© Eredi Chiarini

The jacket

It’s best to look at your range of elegant woolen jackets. Preferably a simple, dark jacket in worsted wool. This type of material is perfect for travel as it is forgiving to the folds and creases you’ll make.

The trousers

Match your woolen jacket with the corresponding trousers. For pants apart from your suit, look for wool or cotton. To achieve a relaxed look, choose khaki’s and steer clear from bulky denim materials.

To fold a suit

Lay the jacket flat, facing down. Fold both sleeves into the middle. Place your twice folded trousers on the top half of the suit. Fold the bottom half of the jacket over the trousers. To guarantee a crease free suit, set it in an air tight bag and leave some air inside for its protection.

how to fold a jacket
© Eredi Chiarini

The shirt

One or two cotton shirts are necessary. If needed, store your cufflinks inside the front pocket. To have a sharp look, ask the concierge at your hotel for an iron.

To fold a shirt

Close the buttons and lay flat facing down. Fold the sleeve towards the center, once the sleeve reaches the middle of the collar, fold the rest on a diagonal upwards. When the sleeve reaches the top of the collar, fold back down the shirt. This creates two folds centered at the collar and opening of the shirt. Repeat for the other sleeve. Fold the long sides of the shirt towards the center on both sides. Fold into thirds so the collar is facing on top.

The shoe – Wear your heaviest pair of shoes whist traveling. A classy look is a pair of black thick-soled oxfords. If carrying a second pair, roll up your belt and socks and use it as a shoe horn substitute. Place your shoes in a dust bag to protect your clothes. The heaviest items such as shoes should be at the bottom of the suitcase.

When there is limited space – Roll folded casual garments into a cylindrical shape. This can prevent wrinkles and save space.