A Gentleman’s Wardrobe: The Colors of Spring/Summer


Knitwear, shoes, jackets and accessories: Discover the newest colors we recommend for the 2017 Summer season.

A change of season, calls for a change of colors. Since Autumn, we are bound by those heavy garments. As a man’s wardrobe has lightened, the muted colors now must make room for new shades to best resemble the feeling of the summer season.

Find out the chosen colors of a gentleman’s wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2017:

Soft Tints

Familiarize yourself to the delicate tones of earth and natural elements as they will revive your summer wardrobe. Beige, brown, green, gray, blue and red: A new arrangement of soft tints to create a dusty feel, that can be matched easily to any outfit.

Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 originals to wear:

Drumohr Cotton Piqué Polo

Drumohr polo @Eredi Chiarini

A sensible elegance, made for practicality: The new Drumohr cotton polo collection expresses the delicate trend of spring/summer 2017 to a tee.
The Piqué Polo an excellent choice to replace the basic button up shirt this season.

Single-buckle Ortigni Shoe

Ortigni shoe © Eredi Chiarini

The sand and dark brown detail is an original option for the single-buckle shoe from Ortigni. A versatile model made of canvas with a fringe.


Tropical Inspirations

Multitudes of hues and multicolored patterns for contemporary explorers: This is the year Pantone chose Greenery as the color of 2017, we could not miss this opportunity for a dash of tropical inspiration.

Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 originals to wear:

Eredi Chiarini Scarf

Eredi Chiarini Scarves @Eredi Chiarini

Musical notes, 70’s vibes but most importantly, the tropical prints: Our collection of Eredi Chiarini scarves have undeniably caught onto the charm of this season’s trend. Our linen scarves, display a luxuriant nature of the multicolored parrot pattern.

A Question of Personality

If you are not interested in the chosen colors, go for those shiny details, a hat or an accessory is enough to revitalize the more rigorous look.

Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 originals to wear:

Red Cesare Attolini Jacket

Attolini jacket, Tie, Pochette, Shirt Eredi Chiarini © Eredi Chiarini

A refined taste for the summer wardrobe. The 21 micron woolen jacket made of Vitale Barberis Canonico fabric, with mother-of-pearl buttons, it is a perfect choice to wear as a broken-up suit.