A Stroll Through Florence: 3 moments, 3 styles


A sunny day, in a splendid city. Where art becomes the scenery and a gentleman’s style becomes the composer. Discover our story for tips and examples of three different moments of an imagined holiday day in Florence.

A Gentleman in Florence: Our 3 styles for 3 moments of the day.

We can imagine a short holiday in Florence, a day where a gentleman can treat himself to small, everyday pleasures of devoting time to personal interests or simply roaming through the city, falling in love with its immense beauty.

The journey begins decisively before the departure itself. Ideally, we should start on the right foot, it is important to get rid of stressful headaches including the dreaded “what to pack” scenario.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than the moment before a journey, the moment when the horizon of tomorrow visits us and tell us its promises.” – Milan Kundera.

The clothing chosen for traveling must follow universal rules like absolute practicality, go for the simple yet elegant and decide on essential garments following your precise schedule.

Do you want to learn the secrets of a perfect suitcase? Read our in-depth interpretation.

1. Jogging along the Lungarno of Florence

© Eredi Chiarini

A gentleman does not give up on his daily routine even on vacation, and so his day starts by running along the banks of the Arno.
Witness the breathtaking scenic stretch from Ponte Verrazzano to the Ponte Vecchio: Jogging is satisfying for both the body and the spectacular views.

In a Gentleman’s Suitcase:
Moncler’s Spring/Summer 2017 blue cotton tracksuit; hand embroidered white cotton t-shirt; Domenico Festa shoes.

Travel Advice:
If you love to run in Florence, there are many possibilities: From a loop around the cities green lung, Cascine, to the park along the Albereta/Anconella river, to the experienced route from Piazza Ferrucci and finishing at Piazzale Michelangelo.

2. Visit Florence on Foot

© Eredi Chiarini

Just like other beautiful Italian cities, Florence is an open-air museum, a chest of unique wonders that are only discovered by foot. Walking around the center is in itself, an extraordinary experience that all gentleman can only agree.

In a Gentleman’s Suitcase:
White Jacob Cohen Special Flag Edition Jeans; Della Ciana Polo; Fay Field Jacket; Eredi Chiarini Scarf.

Travel Advice:
If you’ve decided to visit Florence, lose yourself in its enchanting streets, but remember to look up and admire all the details. Immerse yourself in the abundance of museums and historical attractions, just don’t forget to make a stop in Piazza della Signoria, it’s definitely a must.

3. The Regenerating Break

© Eredi Chiarini

Tuscan cuisine simply does not need any introductions: choose a dish as you would choose a destination
in Florence. The whole region is a journey to explore the traditional dishes, the most popular wines in the world, and to learn many tips for gourmet lovers.
In a gentleman’s travel diary; you’ll find that restaurants, wine bars and the famous Vinaini are already pinned but the first stop is definitely a healthy option.

In a Gentleman’s Suitcase:
Tagliatore cotton jacket; Incotex cotton wool trousers; Tintoria Mattei shirt.

Travel Advice:
Are you on a holiday in Florence and do not know which restaurants to choose?
Check out reviews written by the locals, avoid overly touristy restaurants (usually recognized by the famous “enticing waiters”) and do not judge only by the appearance, even the most ordinary restaurants can surprise you.