A weekend on the snow: suggestions for the gentleman’s suitcase

man's suitcase for a weekend on the snow|

The necessaire for a holiday in the mountains? Discover our tips on what to pack and be impeccable off the slopes.

Low temperatures and snow are the two often dreaded words of the winter season, but for the lovers of the outdoors and of winter sports, they are the magical ingredients for a weekend in the mountains.

However, an unforgettable mountain vacation demands an adequate dress code, a perfect mix of technical clothing, warm clothes and cold weather accessories able to successfully accompany you in every moment of your adventure on the snow.

If you are organizing a holiday on the snow, here are our suggestions on essentials to pack and wear off the slopes.

Men’s clothing to wear in a cabin

In the mountains, the choice of the right outdoor garment is fundamental regardless of the type of article- overcoat, padded down jacket, bomber-it must be made with materials suitable for maintaining constant body temperature.

Among our favorite pieces of outerwear, we recommend (even for high altitudes) the sheepskin jacket by the Tuscan brand Officina Pelle, a garment with a timeless style that guarantees the right insulation to face the most rigid temperatures.

In the sweater choice, instead, the suggestion is to give free rein to your imagination without being too ordinary. In this sense, The Gigi’s turtleneck is an interesting example: its pattern reinterprets, in a contemporary and elegant way, one of the more classics motifs, snowflakes.
To complete the outfit, we suggest using a passe-partout trousers such as the English tweed wool pant by Incotex.

Accessories to complete your look in the mountains

At high altitudes, accessories truly become essential elements of our look. Cruciani’s cashmere hat- warm and extremely soft-and deerskin gloves-with a cashmere lining- are two essential allies to pack in our bag.

To protect our feet and confer the perfect cabin look, we suggest choosing Paraboot Avoriaz’s leather boots, a model that reinterprets in the most faithful way la Pedula, historical footwear created specifically for mountain climbing that in this Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 has seen a great return.