Autumn / Winter Accessories 2017-2018: Eredi Chiarini Scarves and Ties


New prints, colours and fabrics. Discover the Eredi Chiarini collection of scarves and ties. The stylish accessories that will perfectly complement the trends of men’s fashion this autumn / winter 2017-2018.

The change of season brings along an update of accessories useful to define the daily outfit. Following the trends of men’s fashion for this autumn / winter 2017-2018, the fabrics and the shades of our scarves and ties will adapt to all new combinations and temperature variations. The result is, a warm and elegant collection. Find out the details below.

Men’s Tie: The New Style This Winter / Autumn 2017-2018

sciarpe eredi chiarini autunno inverno 2017 2018
© Eredi Chiarini Ties AutumnWinter 2017- 2018

It’s nothing bizarre that the models of ties suitable for the cooler seasons follow the trend of an understated elegance of British print with a subtle hint of a Jacquard pattern.
Woollen ties (made from a blend of wool and unlined cashmere) have been favoured for their soft and earthy colours, a choice that allows a clever match with the multitude of tweed jackets, a true trend for next winter. However, wool is not the only fabric that should be used for ties. In our new collection, you will find a selection of models of lightly sanded cotton ties (sanded cotton is a material that undergoes a particular process to achieve a velvety and a soft peach like texture), it’s the chosen fabric as it gives you the perfect opportunity to pair these with velvet jackets, which is another important trend of this season.

Men’s Winter Scarf: The New Style This Winter /Autumn 2017-2018

Eredi Chiarini Sciarpe Autunno Inverno 2017- 2018
© Eredi Chiarini Scarves Autumn Winter 2017- 2018

Both warm and appealing, the scarves of our new collection are made of wool and cashmere, with light and bright backgrounds and abstract prints, with a washed silk fabric. A very pleasant fabric to wear whilst appreciating its very lively and vivid colour prints.