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Berwich: the quality of Made in Italy trousers

Berwich the union between artisan tradition and technological innovation

We have been collaborating with Berwich for years, a company which is specialized in the production of high-quality trousers. Founded in 2007, the company quickly established itself on the national and international scene, thanks to its attention to detail, the use of delicate fabrics and the craftsmanship of its products. Even today, Berwich continues to grow thanks to its ability to innovate and adapt to market changes.

Berwich represents the excellence of Made in Italy, with a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The brand is loved all over the world by those looking for comfortable but innovative trousers, a high-quality product.

In this article, through our exclusive interview, we will explore the history of Berwich, its values, and the secrets of its success.

Eredi Chiarini: how did the idea of creating Berwich come about?

Berwich: a passion born in a small garage in 1975 thanks to two young people, Michele and Anna Fumarola, still owners of the company today.

Despite the general off-sourcing trends in the fashion industry, ICOMAN concentrates all its business processes in-house, managing the entire production process. The company boasts important partnerships with international luxury brands and is part of the Martina Franca fashion district. From father to son all the sartorial techniques and traditions have been preserved and enriched.

In 2007, the company created its own brand of Berwich trousers, a project inspired by the exploration of the world. Leaving, Traveling, and Discovering is the claim that guides new and ambitious projects. Berwich is pure Made in Italy, a collection of trousers based on the fascination of exploring the world and cultures. The style is taken care of internally. Born from creative sparks that aim to give recognition to the fit, thanks to the use of excellent fabrics.

Eredi Chiarini: where does the name “Berwich” come from?

Berwich: the Berwich brand takes its name from a Scottish explorer.

Eredi Chiarini: what is the company vision?

Berwich: leave, travel, discover.

“Because our research is like a journey to discover ideas and inspirations”.

Eredi Chiarini: what were the first trousers produced and what were their characteristics? Is it still in production?

Berwich:the first model was called BADEN and it was a chino with a pocket applied on the front with two rivets. No longer in production. The longest-lasting trousers are certainly the Morello, slip fit and flat stomach, present in the collection for more than 6 years.

Eredi Chiarini: how are the fabrics chosen and the models designed for the collections?

Berwich: we choose fabrics from mainly Italian companies, with an approach to the purity and quality of the material. Partnerships are created with some suppliers, also creating exclusive fabrics with them. For the models, we start from a desire for wearability and then translate it into trousers to which we add character and distinctive details of the collection and the brand.

Eredi Chiarini: if you had to describe the Berwich style with 3 simple adjectives, what would they be?

Berwich: innovative, sustainable and tailored

Eredi Chiarini: what is the evolution, according to Berwich, of menswear and how is the company adapting to these changes?

Berwich: large volumes, graceful lines favored by the play of pleats and sartorial details, high waist, fluid, and prestigious fabrics.

Eredi Chiarini: which Berwich designer trousers cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a true Gentleman?

Berwich: Barber in machine washable stretch wool, trousers with a comfortable and functional fit and a classic look. In a gunmetal gray color, ideal in combination with a blue blazer or even a simple white t-shirt, a look that could be completed with a sneaker.

Eredi Chiarini: What future horizons is the company facing?

Berwich: we introduce and customize more and more sustainable materials and often coming from the circularity of recycling. We invest heavily in the concept of an integrated supply chain, a complete production cycle in its phases, therefore capable of maintaining the prestige of tailoring.

Berwich can be found in Florence at Eredi Chiarini.

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