Carlo Riva: fine fabrics for timeless shirts

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The Carlo Riva fabric is undoubtedly a work of art, excellent for the Gentleman looking for a precious and exclusive material for his shirts.

Originally born as a prestigious silk factory, the Carlo Riva company then increased production following the continuous demands of the market. Today, extraordinary quality shirts are produced with Carlo Riva fabrics, with patterns of great personality and unique, clear and bright colours.

Alessandro Gherardi con i tessuti Carlo Riva

Alessandro Gherardi with the exclusive bunch of Carlo Riva fabrics

The process behind the creation of Carlo Riva fabrics

Made according to the most ancient sartorial tradition, the historic Carlo Riva silk weaving mill produces fabrics for shirts through the use of shuttle looms dating back to the year 1910, capable of creating cuts of fabric in 90 cm height with selvedge, sometimes spoken . This working method makes it possible to reduce the tension of the yarn compared to modern looms.

The final treatment of the fabric is also fundamental, which is left to rest for a year at a constant temperature and humidity in order to replicate the microclimate of the region of the Nile River in Egypt called GIZA 45 from which the cotton used comes. All this to make Carlo Riva fabrics unique in terms of comfort, evoking the softness of cashmere and the most precious silk.

Today Carlo Riva has added new production techniques to the artisan tradition. The traditional 90 cm high shuttle looms, more suitable for made-to-measure shirt makers, have been joined by more technologically advanced looms.

The fabrics produced have always had very fine counts, with raw material from Egypt and twisted in Switzerland. These yarns are then processed within the company according to methods that maximize the unique characteristics of Carlo Riva fabrics.

The result is a unique quality cotton, very similar in performance and characteristics to silk.

Three ideas for wearing a shirt in Carlo Riva fabric

Without any doubt it can be said that Carlo Riva fabrics represent the excellence of shirting. The best shirts on the prêt-à-porter market today are born from the union between Carlo Riva fabrics and the craftsmanship of the best master shirt makers.

Here are some ideas on how to best combine Carlo Riva shirts…

Formal look

For a daytime business combination, the Caruso tailored suit in brown natural stretch wool will be perfect if combined with the light blue Carlo Riva shirt by Alessandro Gherardi. The light blue of the exclusive shirt made with Carlo Riva fabric will illuminate your facial features, further embellishing the dress made in the iconic Houdini fabric.

To complete the look a dark tie but with a clear pattern and an English shoe. In this way you will be sure to always feel at ease!

Alessandro Gherardi camicia Carlo Riva

SONRISA winter 22/23 collection, Carlo Riva fabrics.

Sonrisa Carlo Riva camicia

SONRISA winter 22/23 collection, Carlo Riva fabrics.

Casual-chic look

For a more casual look, we recommend combining the Carlo Riva cashmere blend shirt by Sonrisa, a garment as refined as it is precious and innovative, with dark wash denim. A superlative example is the creamy white Incotex trousers in sizing cotton. To complete the look, the Caruso jacket in brown and blue Wales and a Tassel moccasin in brown suede. The clutch is mandatory!

Free time look

Our third interpretation of Carlo Riva shirts features the blue shirt from the Superior line by Sonrisa which, thanks to its dark shade, makes slight imperfections and variations in shades even more visible, to be considered a guarantee of Carlo Riva authenticity.

The combination with the beige velvet trousers by Incotex, the Paraboot Michael and the Herno down jacket in very fine corduroy, makes this total look a perfect outfit for your free time!

Carlo Riva, shirts with timeless elegance!

Three Carlo Riva shirts, three completely different total looks! In fact, there can be many different interpretations of the garments made in this fabric; in white for example, Carlo Riva shirts also represent an original option for the groom looking for a fine and exclusive fabric!

Comfort, class, exclusivity, these are the characteristics of Carlo Riva shirts, the excellence of shirts.

Carlo Riva weaving shirts can be found in Florence at Eredi Chiarini.