Christmas Gifts for Him


Christmas celebrations are already at our doorstep, what should be gifted or given at Christmas?

As we are all well aware, not all men have clear ideas about Christmas gifts- even when it comes to receiving them- we made a small wish list with a selection of fashionable men’s clothing and perfect accessories as Christmas gifts for him.

Original or classic, each gift idea for him has been selected to suit an ‘elegant and attentive to every detail of his daily outfit’ kind of man.

Christmas Gifts for Him, the list of selected items and accessories are available from our boutique at via Porta Rossa:

1. Pullovers, but not just for Christmas

Fisherman Drumohr Pullover

Drumohr © Eredi Chiarini

Without the reindeer or mistletoe, a Christmas pullover made for an elegant man can also be monochromatic, provided that it meets the basic requirements of the highest quality, as in this case with Drumohr.
Made in Italy with 100% lambs wool, the Drumohr Fisherman’s pullover is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Guernsey pullover, the traditional British fisherman’s garment.
With no less complex manufacturing techniques of its ancestor, this pullover features a 3-point knit fabric that gives an interesting design to three different braids. The Fisherman Drumohr pullover is available in blue and military green.

2. Fight the cold with style

Cruciani cap, Leather gloves © Eredi Chiarini

Cruciani Cap

Premium quality of 100% made in Italy yarn and all the softness that distinguishes the Cruciani style. This cashmere lightweight knitted cap, with no applications on the fabric and in a solid colour, will integrate discreetly with every outfit of your chosen look whilst protecting you against the elements. The Cruciani cap is available in blue, grey, military green and navy blue.

Leather and cashmere gloves

Gloves are an accessory you could not do without as we must protect ourselves from the cooler seasons. Consequently, they are also a very useful gift idea for him.
The most appreciated pair continue to be the classic, sensible models, such as the selection available at our via delle Porte Rosse boutique, made of deer skin or peccary suede and with a warm cashmere interior.

3. Style details

Gallo Socks

Gallo socks © Eredi Chiarini

Many choose this accessory to add a touch of personality to their outfit and make the look even more unique. For sock lovers, the brand Gallo is a point of reference: These socks are designed and produced in Italy, which every season is reinvented in a myriad of designs. At our boutique, you will find a wide selection of the Gallo collection from Autumn / Winter 2017-2018, with an array of varied patterns, all perfect ideas for a Christmas gift.

Eredi Chiarini Tie

Who said a tie is a banal gift? The enthusiasts of this accessory will be able to expand their collection while the less accustomed, will have one to own of great quality and ready to show off when the occasion arises. For the choice of patterns refer to our post with a discussion on the Autumn / Winter 2017 – 2018 Eredi Chiarini collection. (Link)

4. Night elegance

Nightwear Darek Liam, Church’s slippers © Eredi Chiarini

Derek Rose Pyjamas

Soft, practical and elegant: Derek Rose pyjamas can be called the king of nightwear.
For those who did not know the history of the English brand, the Rose family has been creating the finest men’s pyjamas since 1920, following a “Smart Comfort” philosophy.
The pattern is classic, the fabrics chosen are mainly cotton and silk, while the patterns and designs are quite diverse, from stripes to squares to the more contemporary styles.

Derek Rose Robe

Vezzo of the true dandy, the dressing gown is forever a stable piece for those who do not want to give up the elegance even within the private walls of their home.
Available in various fits, materials and weights, the Derek Rose robe is designed to last the test of time, a perfect gift for enriching the men’s wardrobe.

Church’s Air Travel Slippers

Designed to be worn at home or on the road, Church’s Air Travel Slippers is an original gift idea that combines luxury and comfort. Made of soft nappa, finished and polished by hand, it is lightweight and can be transported in a suitcase thanks to the practical bag in which accompanies it. At our boutique, is available in a dark brown colour.

5. A beauty routine for him

Viking Perfume

Highly anticipated by the enthusiasts of the brand, Creed’s new perfume dedicated to him is a journey into the distant lands of the Great North. A citrus-wood fragrance perfect for a Christmas gift for any man who prefers a particular and charismatic fragrance.

Barba Kit

You do not need to be fanatics of traditional shaving to appreciate the accessories that are best dedicated to it. Raisers, shaving brushes, creams and soaps are definitely evergreen gifts. At our via delle Porte Rosse boutique you will find a selection of branded Kent products.