Ideas for Christmas: our wishlist for Him


Amongst the pleasures of this winter season, receiving a Christmas present is no doubt one of the best.

Especially when you find under the tree something that reflects your sense of taste and style. Although the most difficult part is finding an appropriate and thoughtful gift for our loved ones. This is most definitely a hectic adventure.

If you know who you are buying for, the rules to find the perfect gift will come with ease. Think about his tastes and his personality, what he loves and what he is interested in whilst shopping.

Still no ideas coming to mind? Discover our Eredi Chiarini wishlist: We have selected some gift ideas from our boutique, perfect for an elegant man who is always conscious of his sense of style.

7 gift ideas for him:

    • Swims Galoshes


      Ideal for those who want to always wear their favourite shoes, rain hail or shine. Galoshes Swims are truly original gift idea: made from natural rubber and with non- slip soles. Galoshes protect the shoe and can adapt easily with even the most elegant models. Our boutique offers a wide range in multiple sizes and colors.

    • Scent Bar Artistic Perfumes


      Using only the highest quality natural ingredients with a percentage of fragrance equal to 30%, which guarantees the fragrance for hours: these artistic perfumes are made in Cesena by Scent Bar and is a perfect touch to captivate men less accustomed to these types of beauty routines. We stock several options to suit your favorite fragrance and also the brand new fragrance 700 Scent Bar.

    • Andrea’s Scarves

      Andrea’s 1947 Scarves are the perfect accessory for those who love pure cashmere and products made in Italy. A lightweight design but still perfect for the colder winters. The autumn winter 2016/2017 collection, is currently available at our boutiques, are made with weave effects and natural dyes. If you’re undecided, we recommend the wildflower print, the most representative of the brand.

    • Derek Rose Pajamas


      Elegant men’s pajamas is a classic and stylish gift that would complement any gentleman’s wardrobe. Our selection is the English Derek Rose brand. The Rose family manufactures a wide range of men’s pajamas since 1920 as they follow the philosophy of ‘Smart Comfort’ from the choice of the design to the fabrics (cotton and silk).

    • Drumohr Sweater


      It is not the classic Christmas sweater, but a much more elegant cream-colored sweater made from 100% wool geelong, also ideal for the men who are attentive to the quality of materials. Drumohr, is an English brand founded in 1770, and is in fact famous for very fine yarns that provide warm clothing with utmost softness.

  • Andrea Greco Tailored Belts


    If you are looking for a truly unique gift, belts tailored by Andrea Greco are the perfect choice. Exclusive to our boutique, this artisan Made in Tuscany brand, allows you to combine the leather and buckle according to your taste: the result is a customized and perfectly tailored waistband (the measurements are taken within half a centimeter). Made with the finest materials, the leathers used are full grain, nabuccati, chamois and reptiles including crocodiles and the silver metal fittings have a fusion of lost-wax brass. An exclusive design characterized by sophisticated details (for instance the oval holes allow a better traction and reduced wear of the skin).

  • ErediChiarini Scarves

    To finish, our Eredi Chiarini scarves, are recommended for an elegant man who loves to play with colors and prints. It will give a personal touch to even the most relaxed look. In the boutique you will find a wide selection of models, all made from the best materials.