Colours and Fabrics in Men’s Fashion: New to the Winter / Autumn 2017- 2018 Collection


The wonderful and warm fabrics, blended for the perfect prints and colours to wear in the next season. Find out what materials and colours are in style for the winter of 2017/2018.

Defining the seasonal must-have fabrics and colour palettes play a very fundamental role: recognising these, will solve all the trends for this season.

Thinking about fabrics and colours in the gentleman’s wardrobe, we will rediscover great classics presented in a new style. When paired with contemporary pieces, we are able to enhance textures and shades in an unprecedented fashion.

Men’s fashion: What colours are in style for Autumn / Winter 2017-2018?

Along with the great classics (grey, black and blue), the warm shades of brown, burgundy and camel tones will be spotted within this cold season, thanks to its versatility, it will be not only present but also a must-have of the male wardrobe.

However, we cannot forget about the winter tones of white, those that tend to the tones of cream or chalk used especially for turtle necks, velvet pants or, why not, for a refined coat.

Colors and Texture Autumn Winter 2017 2018

What are the top fashionable men’s fabrics for Autumn / Winter 2017-2018?

The most appreciated fabrics will be distinguished by micro designs, framework effects, small jacquard, interlocked decoration wires, dobby motifs, the use of mélange colour yarns and fancy yarns such as mouliné, bouclè, flamed and buttoned. Source www.italtextrends.com

Wool will always be the most important material for the winter season, both in combed yarn and carded yarn, a technical detail that gives the yarn a “rustic” look. This will be definitely appreciated in the coming cooler seasons.

Timeless blends such as cotton wool and linen used by the Italian brand Caruso to make ‘Butterfly’, (named as a tribute to Puccini’s work) a fully de-structured jacket made in warm tones of blue, grey and brown.

Velvet, already welcomed into the previous collection, Autumn / Winter 2016-2017, will keep its primacy, softness and in the perfect mood for the ‘70s. The ribbed version (corduroy) is still very much appreciated mainly in a caramel colour and in warm shades like red brick, ideal for everyday wear.

Solaro fabric, perfect for an elegant and original customized suit, named for the particular appeal to the colours of the sunset. This bright, armed with levantine, worsted fabric, has an iridescent effect due to the different colours of the warp and weft. It is mainly known in its beige / red brick version but for autumn, we also recommend the blue variant, ideal for a four seasons suit with a timeless charm .

Equally original is the use of the alpaca, a precious wool obtained from the widespread camelide originally and mainly located in the South American Andes.

Details of Caruso Ulster AW 2017 2018 Collection © Eredi Chiarini

A soft wool but with high performance in terms of quality and thermal insulation, that has also won the brand Caruso, which for Autumn / Winter 2017-2018, offers an Ulster (a coat, single or double-breasted, which stands out for wide revers, pockets with a flap, a martingale cuff, a rear cannon with splint and an important martingale). In only the baby alpaca, a fabric which is obtained from the first camomile alpaca shearing, in a camel colour.