Eredi Chiarini: the destination for true Gentlemen

Eredi Chiarini Negozio Sala Abiti

The summer that is drawing to a close has been marked by the launch of our new site. A project born from a desire to communicate our identity by using a more contemporary language. A stage of a journey in part already drawn in our DNA of innovators. A journey that we want to tell you about and that will reserve other surprises for you.

Since 1894 Eredi Chiarini represents men’s style

The history of Eredi Chiarini has its roots in the distant past. When in 1894 nonna Genny opened a fabric shop, the twentieth century hadn’t even arrived. And yet, even then, Genny knew she wanted to do something destined to last and make a difference. Marco and Andrea, her grandchildren, inherited the passion for fabrics, enthusiasm for style and love for taste and elegance. They made them their own, enriching them with the courage and ardor of their young age. In fact, they dedicated themselves to a project that today we call Eredi Chiarini. The journey that we are trying tell, not only through our Florentine boutique but also through new digital tools, all began there. The updated site with unpublished pages, shapes and colours; our Facebook and Instagram pages with a language and a directness that target new generations as well. 

We’ve evolved; however, we still firmly hold on to our roots, in our hearts and minds. They still represent the main lifeblood through which we continue to do what we were born for: representing style for true gentlemen.

Eredi Chiarini, a one-stop-destination. From A to Z: everything an elegant man could want

Eredi Chiarini Florence

Men who are curious, polite and passionate about beauty. Capable of finding a balance between a soul that wants to preserve tradition and a spirit that wants to innovate. People with a distinctive taste, able to capture the quality of detail and be passionate about artisanal work. Free spirits, formed in the “gospel” of kindness. This is the profile of who we turn to both online and offline, in an experience that we would like to be homogeneous and encompassing.

For them, we would like to be much more than a boutique. Of course, today just as yesterday, we want to be a shop in which to find everything they need. From the unspoken and secret products that represent them, like a cologne; to the garments to wear in the privacy of their homes, such as nightwear; to those with which to create their professional authority, such as sartorial clothes; up to those with which to participate in the most important occasions of social life, such as tailor-made suits.

However, we would also like to be a destination where these men can feel free to explore and satisfy their curiosity, while still making the right purchase choices, under the careful and discreet guidance of competent people. We would also like them to feel free to experiment, be open to contamination and emotionally involved in a pleasant and memorable experience. In a nutshell, we hope to be considered as a one-stop-destination shop – to put it in modern marketing terms.

Eredi Chiarini: online and offline the same experience, dedicated to quality

Sala Dailywear Eredi Chiarini

To achieve our ambitious desire, we could not fail to establish an elegant and welcoming physical store, with different environments, corresponding to the variety of the male stylistic universe. One completely dedicated to denim, one to suits, one to daily-casual wear. Here, today just like yesterday, you will find a wide range of products, from clothing to accessories, to really be the perfect destination for modern gentlemen. We have chosen Italian brands, an expression of artisan excellence Made in Italy, alongside international brands of proven quality. But we didn’t stop there.

Recently, in fact, we remodelled our boutique, strong in the desire to improve the sensations and impressions of our customers. We focused on the lights – adding new ones – to enhance the experience connected to the product and to our services. We’ve created an intimate, but ample space, to allow a better experience and feel when trying on the clothes, imagining them in everyday life.

We also worked on more scenographic displays, able to tell the underlying stories of the brands and/or our way of interpreting them and celebrating them.

Online we have tried to transpose and communicate our values, to create a fluid and accurate experience, paying the same attention to detail that you will find in our shop. This gave rise to the idea of adding an Inspiration page, a space to present seasonal proposals and be updated on the best of the latest arrivals, just as our personal shoppers do in the store. Hence the Style Note page, a blog where our expertise and experience is at your service, to help you be a contemporary gentleman.

In September, the presentation of a new digital tool

Eredi Chiarini Scala

The site, however, as we said at the beginning, is just a step in a journey of innovation, designed to allow us to be more and more in line with the spirit of the times and increasingly capable of intercepting the needs of today’s men. Other digital tools will enrich our universe. One of these will be presented in September, at an exclusive event. Once again it will be a means to be ever more authentically Eredi Chiarini: for over a hundred years close to our customers, without being intrusive. Useful, to satisfy their curiosity and their desires. We look forward to telling you more!