Ernesto, the challenge of the unstructured jacket told by Enrico Mezzadri


Imagine a jacket with a strong personality but one of which is easy to wear, made by a company whose roots are of Italian tailoring tradition but also not afraid to look into the future.

We present Ernesto, an unstructured jacket, ideal for both elegant and informal settings; a jacket dedicated to a man who likes to dress well while having fun dressing.

But how was this concept created? We spoke with Enrico Mezzadri, the owner of the historic Gianfranco Bommezzadri, with the collaboration of Vincenzo Reggiani (owner of the boutique Lacerba Rimini), the pair have realized this innovative unstructured jacket, now prized all around the world.

Good morning Enrico, tell us about the creation of “Ernesto”?

It was a challenge. Achieved with the collaboration of an idolized and much loved friend Vincent Reggiani.

“Ernesto”, is the character of a famous comedy by Oscar Wilde, who possesses a double identity.
But is this… a jacket, a shirt…?!? Or rather, a jacket-shirt to wear as a pullover… with comfortable, reassuring, natural elegance of a jacket.

We want to be the contemporary that will appeal to the traditional. It is the desire to return to observing elements of a garment and not appearance, quality and not quantity. This will turn a man into one with a strong personality of style and a distinguished taste, easily seen within the fundamental aspects of male fashion culture. Then adding a bit of irony and fun, can reinterpret contemporary casual wear entirely.

Vincenzo Reggiani and Enrico Mezzadri © Ernesto
Vincenzo Reggiani and Enrico Mezzadri © Ernesto

What is a fundamental male accessory for you? That you could not go out of the house without?

The right shoe. This is very important for me. An essential complement. I could never go out of the house without the proper combination.

How was the first Ernesto jacket? Was it made right on the first try? What fabric had you used? Who had tested it?

We wanted a comfortable jacket, practical but at the same time elegant and refined. The answer was a “unstructured” jacket, made by expert hands. These hands were able to create that recognizable softness typically known for the “Ernesto” jacket. As for the fabrics, we have opened the archives and rediscovered classic elegant English designs. Only the craftsmanship of Italian wool mills can realize the soft and warm touch of these fabrics.

© Ernesto
© Ernesto

What is your favorite impression of Florence?

Florence seen along “La Bolognese.” Preferably in motion. Always a unique spectacle.

And your favorite local spot in Florence?

The restaurant “Three Benches”. Original, comfortable and known for its quality. Like the jacket, “Ernesto”.