Contemporary Eskimo

blue and tartan eskimo jacket|

Become a master of the smart-casual wardrobe and leave behind its political connotation, the eskimo is ranked among most fashionable outerwear of Autumn / Winter 2017-2018.

Forget the 70’s politically deployed jacket worn as a symbol for the controversial youth told by Guccini and Gaber.

“In the coming cold season, the eskimo will turn into a fashionable jacket, a treasured ally for dealing with the metropolitan cold, with practicality and style”.

Origins of the Eskimo Jacket

According to unverified sources, the eskimo jacket model has emerged from a review of the coat M51, used by the US Army in the Korean War, started in 1951. But what we do know for certain, is that his closest cousin, the parka (often used as a synonym), was inspired by the garments used by the Inuit populations. The name, eskimo, from the “Esquimese” group was given to the people in the Arctic polar circle.

In the Anna Canonica Sawina’s Dictionary of Fashion, the eskimo is described as: “A warm jacket, both feminine and masculine, with a fur-lined hood, long lined sleeves, zipped or closed with hinges from the front, with pockets, and packaged in waterproof fabric”.

Today, lightening the silhouette, revisiting the lines and details, the eskimo jacket stands out primarily for its performance.

Made from more and more technical and innovative fabrics, embellished with particular smart details and praised by its various colours and patterns, the eskimo can even a perfect choice to wear in the city, not only for leisure but also paired with a formal look.

blue eskimo jacket
Fay Eskimo AW 2017/ 2018 © Eredi Chiarini

What is the must-have eskimo of Autumn / Winter 2017-2018?

The Eskimo from Fay Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 Collection: With four pockets, knitted cuffs, waterproof cotton, detachable inner pads. This model is distinguished by the padded cap piece and the unique waterproofing process.

Fay eskimo is available at our boutique in a classic waterproof cotton, with the top of the range, sophisticated British inspired wool. Come to try it!