Welcome to the “EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL” App (Royal App) owned by EREDI CHIARINI S.R.L., legal offices located in Florence, Via della Mattonaia, 17, Italy – Company Registration No. and VAT code 03158320485 (EC).

1. Services

The Royal App is free of charge and entitles you to use the following exclusive services (“Services”) dedicated to you:

  • Your Wardrobe” always available directly from the App allows you to have an always-updated overview of all the items you purchased at the Eredi Chiarini physical store and through the Eredi Chiarini e-store. As of the activation of the App, all the items you have purchased will be uploaded in “Your Wardrobe”.
  • Tailored Advice” by a Personal Shopper (PS) through the chat line on the Royal App:
  • Your PS will select and send you “style tips” based on your tastes and your outline, your previous purchases and your preferences based on your browsing and your “Wish List”. You can save the items your PS suggests on your wish list, and purchase them later, or share them with your friends and family.
  • Your PS will provide all the info you need on the items (new arrivals, availability, wearability, etc.) at the physical store and on the EREDI CHIARINI e-store;
  • You can ask your PS for a “style tip” to make sure you have the perfect solution for any occasion;
  • Schedule an appointment with your PS to have his exclusive attention as soon as you arrive;
  • “Set aside”: ask your PS to book an item you like if you want to try it on at the store before buying it;

Our Personal Shopper service is generally available on the dates and opening hours of the Eredi Chiarini store;

– “Wish List”: save the items you like best for later purchase, or to try them on at the store. Your PS will see the items and will draw inspiration from them to suggest similar or matching items. Your PS will be able to suggest items from your wish list to someone who goes to the store to select a present that you will truly like.

  • Bespoke Service: some items allow you to choose on our e-store color and fabric, and we will ask our partner brands to prepare it directly for you. For perfect sizes, you may want to use the Bodyscan available at our store.
  • Delivery Service: when you buy an item from our e-store you can decide to receive it free of charge at your address or collect it from our physical store.

2. Registration

By registering free of charge to our Royal App you are undertaking to comply with all the conditions listed here below as well as with the Privacy Policy and the General Sale Conditions, integral part of these Conditions.

To create your EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL account, please fill in the registration form adding the required information, guaranteeing that the information you provide is complete, correct and truthful.

After your Registration, we will send you a confirmation email.

You are the only one entitled to use the username and password to access your EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL account, which cannot be transferred to third parties.

Therefore, please keep them confidential and inform EC immediately through the email should you suspect unauthorized access to your EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL account or that your password was hacked.

EREDI CHIARINI shall not be accountable for unauthorized access to your EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL account by third parties.

3. Registration terms and cancellation

Your registration to the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL app shall be effective as of the moment you receive a confirmation email from

You may decide at any time to cancel your registration emailing

Once we receive your cancellation, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation of the Services.

EREDI CHIARINI reserves the faculty to cancel your registration in the event the provisions included in these conditions, the Privacy Policy or the General Sale Conditions are breached, or when incomplete, incorrect, or untruthful data has been supplied, without prejudice to damages suffered by EREDI CHIARINI.

EREDI CHIARINI reserves the right to cease and/or interrupt temporarily the Services, without previous notification, to take care of technical interventions needed and/or suitable to improve the quality of the Services.

EREDI CHAIRINI reserves the possibility to interrupt the Services for safety reasons, without previous notification.

The partial or total reproduction in any form of the Royal App and its contents is forbidden unless previously authorized in writing by EREDI CHIARINI.

4. Use of Services and Instructions

EREDI CHIARINI shall do everything possible to supply accurate Services. Subject to the limitations of the law, Services are free of charge as they are, (“AS IS”) and EREDI CHIARINI does not guarantee, by way of a non-limiting example, on the quality, functioning, absence of interruption, or suitability of the Services for a purpose or special result decided by customers.

You are authorized to visualize the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App and its contents using the relevant services offered, barring any possibility to reproduce them, except for temporary, transient or ancillary reasons as integral and essential part of the visualization and use of the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL app and its contents and any other browsing operation from the app intended solely for legitimate use, and in any case, with no economic return.

Access to the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App and its contents and services occurs under your exclusive and personal responsibility.

EREDI CHIARINI does not guarantee in any way that the content of the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App comply with the existing regulations in countries aside from Italy.

Access to the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App from countries considering its contents illegal is prohibited.

Should you decide to access the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App from such countries you shall be the sole accountable for the legal consequences and the enforcements you may incur.

EREDI CHIARINI does not guarantee on the compliance of the information published in its App with the laws of the jurisdiction of the country of residence of the customer or the country where the app is being visualized.

ERDI CHIARINI declines any liability on problems, damages or risks you may encounter during the use of the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App.

EREDI CHIARINI declines any liability for malfunctioning linked to the disablement of cookies in your browser.

EREDI CHIARINI shall implement any diligent precaution to avoid that contents and images that may be considered detrimental to propriety, human rights and dignity, are published in the EREDI CHIARINI ROYAL App.

Should some contents be considered detrimental to religious and ethical sensitivity or propriety, please email Please keep in mind that any access to this App occurs at the discretion and personal responsibility of the user.

The Royal App includes hyperlinks (“Link”) to the website and its e-store, and may contain other websites that have no connection with said website. EREDI CHIARINI does not guarantee on their contents and/or processing of personal data.

Users shall therefore read carefully the terms and conditions of said third websites and their privacy policies, as by accessing our Royal App you are only agreeing to terms, conditions, and Privacy Policy referring solely to, and in case you are using the ecommerce service, to its general sale conditions.

5. Amendment and Updating

EREDI CHIARINI reserves the right to revoke your access to the Royal App at any time.

EREDI CHIARINI reserves the faculty to make amendments to the contents of the App, including these conditions, at any time and without previous notification. Users of the Royal App are kindly requested to check it periodically for amendments.

Users accessing this website agree that all the issues relevant to the use of the Royal App are governed by the existing laws of Italy, and in particular the Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 (Consumer Code) integrated and amended by the Legislative Decree No. 21/2014 and by the Legislative Decree No.70/2003 (E-commerce Code).

Any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or execution of these General Terms of Sale, may be subject to the jurisdiction of the online Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan (; in any case, the competent Court is the one where the user is resident or has elected domicile.