Greet the year in style: a guide to the New Years look


How to dress for New Year? We have created a stylish but relaxed gentleman’s look, to be flawless on your New Years night.

The dazzling lights, party atmosphere, smiles and lots of good intentions for the coming year: the New Year is welcomed in the Eve with style and the right attitude.

Keeping in mind where you celebrate the New Year, the choice of an elegant, refined ensemble will compliment you.

“The brute covers, the rich and the fool will adorn the elegant dresses.” – Honore de Balzac

Here is our combination we suggest for you to replicate or use as inspiration:

Clipper double breasted jacket -100% virgin wool with geometric patterns, gbs trousers MATTEI dyed chambray shirt; Eredi Chiarini bow tie and scarf, Ortigni shoes, Attolini coat.

Fashion tip: The evening of New Year is one of those special occasions where you must mix formalities and originality wisely. So do not forget to carefully choose the most impressive accessories, the real charms of Christmas and New Years. The formal tie- a bow tie, and a eye- catching scarf, also embellish the most banal look to become the focus.