Groom’s shirt: A Guide for choosing

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How do you choose the perfect Groom’s shirt? The details to keep in mind aren’t as obvious as one might think. In order to help Gentlemen in their choices we answered the most frequent questions on this topic.

The future groom’s elegance is determined by many details that go beyond the choice of his suit.

Once the suit that will be worn is chosen, particular attention must be paid to the choice of the shirt: it may seem a trivial choice but features such as manufacture quality, fabric, color and details are decisive for the success of the complete outfit and more.

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Let’s see the most important points to consider when choosing a shirt for such an important day.

The Groom’s shirt: tailored or ready-made?

The world of luxury shirts offers many interesting alternatives to choose from, but obviously, opting for a tailored shirt will give you the possibility to decide every detail according to your taste and specific needs. Our suggestion, given the uniqueness of the event, is to consider this option and invest in a tailored shirt that will fit you perfectly.

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What shirt color should you choose?

The most elegant, formal and respectful of tradition choice requires a strictly white for your wedding day. Colors such as blue and black are strongly discouraged. Particular attention, however, must be paid to the choice of the tone of white of the shirt, opting for a pure white, an off-white or a silk white is very different.

The choice of the type of white is simple as it must be harmonious with the tone of the bride’s dress and the reason is not “romantic” but practical: if the bride wears an ivory dress and the groom has a bright white shirt, in the photos the later will show too much, creating a visual imbalance.
If the bride has an ivory or silk white dress then we recommend a silk white shirt for the groom as well.

In what fabric should the Groom’s shirt be?

There are many types of fabrics to choose from for a groom’s shirt, tightening the field we recommend to opt for one of the following options:

  • a ceremonial fabric: a more full-bodied fabric like the dobby fabric which presents very small geometric designs tone on tone. This fabric is more resistant to creases and folds and has a brightness that makes it particularly suitable for the occasion;
  • a classic poplin fabric, which is a light cotton fabric that besides being fresh, breathable and soft, it holds its form well.

Special mention goes to the Carlo Riva fabric, an option for those looking for a precious and exclusive fabric.
Carlo Riva’s cotton fabrics are made according to a silk weave, on large shuttle looms dating back to 1910 and left to rest in environments with controlled temperatures for no less than a year. The result is a cotton with a unique quality, similar in performance and characteristics to silk.

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Change of suit and of shirt even for the groom?

A change of suit for the groom is a decidedly rarer option relegated to really special cases. For example, when the ceremony takes place early in the morning and the groom opts for a suit in light colors, but the reception takes place in the late afternoon (part of the day when etiquette forbids soft colors). In this case, a shirt change necessarily corresponds to a suit change, as the latter must be chosen to perfectly match with the groom’s suit.

In case of a single suit, we still recommend the purchase of two identical shirts: one will be worn during the ceremony; the other can be worn for the reception, a little trick to not fear being betrayed by the heat and by the emotion of the day.

How to choose the shirt’s details.

A shirt with a French , diplomatic or Italian collar: the style of the collar can be chosen according to your taste keeping in mind whether you will be wearing a tie or bow tie.

Free rein to your personality in the choice of buttons. We offer our clients a series of choices of Australian mother of pearl buttons, in various shapes and in white or black.

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Tradition does not provide the option of monograms and embroidery on the groom’s shirt, but if you do not want to give them up we suggest you make them tone-on-tone and place them on the side, not visible from under the jacket.

In addition to the type of rounded cuff, a purely subjective choice, the real difference is determined by the use or not of cufflinks. In this last case you have to resort to a shirt with a double cuff or a double use single cuff (a perfect option for those who want to use cufflinks but do not like to feel tied up).