The Piece: The Tailored Jacket


The tailored jacket is the protagonist of our first edition of “The Piece”, a series of articles about iconic male garments and style advices.

The jacket is one of the most powerful emblems of male elegance. Whether it is part of a tailored suit with matching tailored pants or not, only a jacket that has been hand-cut, hand-sewed and carefully ironed in shape can be a well balanced and perfectly fitted tailored jacket.

So, what’s the tailored jacket meaning and why is it so important today?

In a time where elegant clothes can be bought even OTR (“off the rack”), having a jacket tailored is actually a true statement of class, elegance and refinement.

© Cesare Attolini
© Cesare Attolini

The tailored jacket is perhaps also the most important, iconic and timeless must-have garment of the entire Gentleman’s wardrobe and that’s why it is now the protagonist of our first “focus” article.

The notions and secrets of how to sew tailored jackets lie in the hand of the most skilled Italian tailors. It follows some very ancient and traditional procedures, which start by carefully taking measurements of the client’s proportions while nicely conversating with him about all the customizations that his garment is going to need, before even starting to work on the tailored jacket itself.

To create the “perfect garment”, there are many more tailored jacket details that a tailor need to define; some of them can be tricky to realize but also truly fundamental to the final result of the garment.

The “Cesare Attolini per Eredi Chiarini” tags
The “Cesare Attolini per Eredi Chiarini” tags

One of the most difficult detail to create is the shoulder, with its hidden – but very strong and resistant – seams that connect the armholes to the sleeves. Also, there is a wide range of different tailored jacket pocket types from which the customer can choose but the most valuable of them is definitely the “boat pocket” (taschino a barchetta), slightly curved on the upper side: a very sophisticated and elegant detail that can’t absolutely be left to chance.

The perfectly crafted shoulder and the boat pocket are exactly the two sartorial details that brought “Cesare Attollini” to its almost secular fame.

The historical Italian firm “Cesare Attolini” has been creating flawless, superior quality tailored jackets since 1930, dressing the most important people, from kings and nobles like Vittorio Emanuele III and the Duke of Windsor, to iconic actors like Totò, De Sica, Mastroianni and Clark Gable with its unmistakable Neapolitan style, created by Vittorio Attolini itself and his legacy.

© Cesare Attolini

The family was able to preserve Attolini’s great knowledge and ability through years and decades, remaining one of the most renowned producers of the best tailored jacket in the world.

Attolini brothers, Giuseppe and Massimiliano, have now joined forces with Andrea e Marco Chiarini to give Eredi Chiarini’s customers the opportunity to experience excellence: the “Cesare Attolini per Eredi Chiarini” tags is the symbol of this creative union and brings Attolini’s unique know-how to the heart of the city of Florence, along with its superior quality garments and perfect fitting, exclusively at Eredi Chiarini’s boutique.