Hiking Boots, the Perfect Men’s Shoe for the Cold Season


Urban adventure: From the mountains to the city, these leather boots are born for climbing on the Dolomites and are adapted to become the perfect shoe to take on Autumn / Winter 2017-2018.

Pack away your summer shoes, the trends of Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 season have arrived. Hiking boots have been reintroduced into the gentleman’s wardrobe, both in their most authentic version and in their more contemporary and urban reinterpretation.

For those who do not know much about the hiking boot, it is quite a robust shoe with a rugged but flexible rubber outer-sole, used for walking in the mountains and perfect for free climbing.
It is to be used in nature but also for the city, and so hiking boots can be called a multi purpose shoe. Their first appearance was in thirties, and used for climbing in the Dolomites (initially it was made of felt or canvas with a rope sole). Today they are appreciated for their ability to protect your feet against the weather, staying light and perfectly adaptable to an urban, casual style.

Born to be a shoe for mountain climbing, this winter, hiking boots will revive themselves as the key look in the city. A comfortable boot, perfect for defining a sporty or chic look, paired with velvet trousers and turtle neck sweaters.

The most popular and recognisable model, staying true to its origins is the Avoriaz, from the French brand, Paraboot.

Paraboot close up © Eredi Chiarini

The particular shape of the boot and the characteristic lattice rubber sole makes this brand the only manufacturer in the world make the Avoriaz Paraboot shoe immediately recognizable.

The Paraboot’s boot are entirely hand-made: following tradition, skilled artisans continue the entire production process, cut and sewn by hand and the interior linings ensure flexibility and comfort. Resistance and absolute impermeability are guaranteed by the particular Norwegian Style Stitch seam that consists of a unique double stitching holding the upper shoe and the soles together.

Paraboot close up © Eredi Chiarini

Giving a nod to the concept of leather hiking boots, using a vintage attitude but fusing a contemporary design, you’ll find in our Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 selection, the remake of hiking boots by the made in Italy brand, Doucal’s and the made in Tuscany brand, Domenico Festa available in dark brown colours and leather.