The history of Chiarini family about the elegant men’s clothing begins a long time ago. GENNI grandmother opened a fabric store in 1894 which was later run by her daughter Norma and her husband, the son-in Othello. Their sons, Marco and Andrea, grew up immersed in high quality fabrics and tailors. Just finished their studies Marco and Andrea began to work with enthusiasm in the family shop.

In 1970 the opening of their first clothing store received a success beyond expectations. The passion for menswear handed down from grandmother GENNI allowed Marco and Andrea to define their own recognizable style and that is how the brand was born Eredi Chiarini. They began to manufacture jackets, pants, shirts and dresses in line with their designs to match with Italian and British accessories such as ties, bags, umbrellas, hats and shoes.

Marco and Andrea Chiarini have always traveled to enrich their style and search for the cutting and bundling more congenial to their style. Even today Chiarini family continues to seek the same things, updating their style day after day.