Choosing the perfect fabrics for your bespoke suit


Our tailored precision and passion has been passed down for generations, to ensure a complementing fit for every gentleman.

We ensure you, the choice of fabric plays an important role in the look you portray in a suit.

So, how can we select the perfect and best fabric for men’s suits?

The expanse options range from, cashmere to cotton or to material blends like silk and wool, but three are the main natural fabrics to consider:

  • Cashmere, the ultimate in luxury amongst these options. Ranging between 14-16 microns, meaning the wool fiber is very fine giving us that dignified soft feel. Appropriate for all climates as it provides you insulation without weighing you down. This is a delicate fabric, perfect for special occasions.
  • Cotton, a common choice, but has its advantages. When pressed, it provides fine creases, giving every gentleman a clean, sharp look. It is an ideal piece for the traveling man as it is a comfortable breathable fit and can be folded neatly using less space in your suitcase. Ideal for a summer suit, but we also have a selection of double cotton for the cooler seasons.
  • Wool, a superb fabric to emphasize the contours of a mans shoulders, chest and legs. As a well fitted suit, it contains a strong memory of the frame it has been tailored to. The beauty is, it can achieve many textures popular in mens fashion, from a tweedy casual look to a sheer silken finish.

100% wool are fibers that has never been spun, making this the preferred option for a quality suit. At Eredi Chiarini we select this high standard, one in particular, Barberis fabrics.

Vitale Barberis Canonico display

Vitale Barberis Canonico has produced the finest fabrics for tailor-made suits since 1663.
This historic fine fabric producer has provided the best quality range, exclusively to our boutique. The 21 micron selection is an excellent combination of durability and flexibility, in which will craft an elegant character and the right creases to each fit.

Deciding on a dignified suit comes down to the quality of the textile and the particular finesse of your tailor.
One tip to give in your next visit, ask our Made to measure expert about ‘fabric Barberis 21 microns’ as an option. You can personally judge its charm.

Vitale Barberis Canonico suit