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How to choose the right tie for every occasion

A tie is an important item for refining a formal look. Since choosing the correct one can be difficult, we decided to indicate the four elements to consider. Did you know, for example, that the ideal length depends on your features? Or that not all materials are suitable for wearing to the office?

Well, read on and you’ll find out how you should wear a tie and why, doing it according to the rules of male elegance, is the only way to enhance your other style choices. Alternatively, visit us at our boutique and we will advise you in the best way!

4 rules to follow for choosing the right tie

The simplest things tend to be those most taken for granted. Therefore, we want to point out the four rules to follow when choosing a tie, to avoid making mistakes in style and giving a wrong perception of you and your taste.

#1 Consider the length: never below the belt

Every well-dressed man knows that the secret to an elegant look is paying attention to proportions. While this rule is always kept in mind when choosing a tailored suit, often it is forgotten when choosing ties. This accessory, however, must harmonize with the others, helping maintain the balance with which an outfit was created and respecting the physique of the wearer.

This means that the perfect length for a tie, regardless of type, should not exceed the belt.

Considering that there are different sizes, to understand which to choose, assess your height.

For example, if you are taller than 1.85 m, a 155 cm tie is the ideal choice. If your height is between 1.65 m and 1.85 m, then a standard length of 150 cm is better. Those who are less than 1.65 m tall should prefer short ties or about 140 cm in length.

When wondering about the correct length for a tie, one must also keep in mind the necessary harmony when it is worn and knotted. This means that the rear blade must not be too short compared to the front one. The same applies to the reverse. The optimum is, therefore, to adjust the two blades to the same length by touching the belt.

#2 Choose the width of the tie based on the lapels of the jacket

If the balance is the rule of elegance, it will be easy to understand that even for the width of the tie there are some rules to be respected. Check that it is proportionate to the lapels of your jacket. To simplify a slim tie with a slim lapel jacket; wider tie with a jacket featuring more abundant lapels.

As a benchmark, we could say that the width:

Should never be more than 9 cm and never less than 8 cm. The only exception is for knit ties, certainly more suitable between 6 and 7 cm.

Always for the correct balance, when you are about to wear it, try to fasten it so that the knot is not too big compared to its width.

#3 Pay attention to colours and patterns: blue and regimental are classics and easy to pair

The colour of a tie is important. Consider it before even buying a tie. In this phase, you should ask yourself which are the tones that best highlight your complexion and best match those in your wardrobe. This will be a smart way to add value yourself and have something in your wardrobe that you can wear on various occasions.

For example: if your skin is olive-coloured, with grey hair, black eyes and you usually wear grey clothes, it would be a good choice to choose ties in shades of blue. A great classic could be a regimental tie that alternates one or two other colours with blue.

Blue Ties


If instead, you have a peachy rose skin, light brown hair, warm brown eyes and your wardrobe are mostly made up of tailor-made suits in colonial colours, warm-toned ties in the rust-brown family could be a good option.


Brown Ties

Secondly, you must pay attention to the colour of the tie when you wear it. First, it will have to fit with the shirt. In this case the only ‘rule’ is a little soft, but still useful – how could it be otherwise, considering the endless possible combinations and exceptions!?

Choose one of a darker shade of the shirt or a motif capable of creating a measured contrast. Obviously opting for a clear white shirt will protect you from any mistakes!

#4 Choose silk in any season and for formal occasions, cotton and linen during the summer months and for informal occasions

The type of fabric is the last element to be considered. There are ties made of winter fabrics like wool and cashmere that would be strange to wear in spring-summer and those in summer fabrics like linen and cotton that, instead, are perfect for the current season, with less formal outfits.

Then there are ties that are perfect year-round and made of silk, a real passe-partout that can always give an elegant allure to those who wear them.

As a general rule, solid colour silk ties are the most formal-that is way they are so often worn by businessmen and/or celebrities. For this reason, they perfectly complement tailor-made suits, even in their versions with geometric patterns and/or designs.

In recent years, to give a touch of originality, some men have chosen to wear knitted ties with a narrow design and a squared end inside formal contexts. Unless it is knitted silk, we prefer them in circumstances and with outfits with a lower level of formality. Perfect when wearing suit separates or simply paired with a cardigan.

But remember one thing: unless you are a Hollywood star if you are invited to a party with a tuxedo dress code or our smoking, it is forbidden to wear a black tie! A necessary choice will be a bow tie!


Come and discover the many ties in our store! You can look at a few below.


Cashmere motif ties


Regimental Ties

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