Rules of the Art: How to Iron a Man’s Shirt

Ironing a shirt well does not mean to focus your time too much on the method when you can learn the skill to iron quickly and adequately.

Here are some tricks, step by step, to iron a man’s shirt.

How many minutes are needed to iron a man’s shirt?

If you have to iron a shirt quickly, two minutes would be the minimum time to be considered if you’ll wear it under a jacket or pullover (focusing only on the collar, cuffs and front) but this should be an option to consider only and exclusively in case of an emergency.

To iron a shirt thoroughly and get a good result, it takes an average of five minutes, considering however, that you have a steam iron and a decent amount of experience.

3 Secrets to ironing a shirt

To iron a shirt perfectly, you have to consider before starting, these essential rules:

  • The correct temperature

    Fibers will burn at different temperatures, the standard temperatures recommended and available in most irons are; 110° C (230° F) for acetates, acrylics, modacrylics, nylon and spadex, 150° C (302° F ) for polyesters, rayon, silk, triacetate, wool, 200 ° C (392° F) for cotton and linen.

  • Ideal moisture

    To get the best result, it is ideal to iron your shirt whilst damp and if it is not possible, use the iron’s vapor. If you do not have a steam iron you can use a spray bottle to keep your shirt wet while ironing, although this gives up a bit of the speediness of the task.

  • Attention to colors

    Dark fabrics, especially if they are synthetic, should be ironed on the reverse side to avoid becoming glossy.

  • Centrifuge, but not too much

    In the washing phase the advice is to avoid the centrifuge or not to set it above 800. This will greatly reduce wrinkles and will aid the ironing process immensely.

Step by step instructions to iron a shirt

Collar. Ironing time – 25 seconds

Keep the collar flat – no need to iron the fold where the collar bends, first iron the inside and then the outer side. Start from the tips and iron toward the center to prevent creasing the margins.

Cuffs. Ironing time – 45 seconds

First, iron the inside and then the outer, make sure to iron out the edges inwards. Double cuffs should be ironed flat.

Yoke. Ironing time – 25 seconds

This part of the shirt covering the shoulder is the most complicated to start, to make the job easier use the
short end (the narrowest side) of the ironing board.

Sleeves. Ironing time – 90 seconds

Start from the shoulder and finish near the cuff, taking into consideration about maintaining the pleats at the bottom. To reduce wrinkles, use a specialised ironing board in which you can insert the sleeve.

The Back. Ironing time – 45 seconds

This part is one of the fastest to iron, since the bottom is tucked in your trousers, you do not need to insist on ironing this area perfectly.

The Front. Ironing time – 70 seconds

Here too, the same situation is applied for the bottom and around the buttons (you do not need to be perfect because when buttoned, you will not see the inside).