Denim Jeans


It’s staple piece in every gentleman’s wardrobe but could you recognise the denim of a higher quality? Take this advice to improve your keen eye and discover not only a stylish but a premium pair.

Let’s first start by looking closely at the texture.

A twill woven fabric, 3-wire: 2 in 1 weave and warp. The plot is always white while the warp is dyed in indigo blue. A term to note is, “right hand and left hand weave”, that represents the direction of the fabric diagonally. Right hand is full bodied and has become the industries standard. The left is much softer to touch although it is not as durable for long term use.

The wash and post weaving treatments give the denim its unique look.

The intensity of the wash determines the style and shade of the indigo dye. You may hear such types as, raw, rinse wash, mid wash, light wash, and so on. Remember many brands use synthetic dye, only authentic denim uses a natural dye.

The weight is a fundamental feature to look for.

It is defined by the number of wires used in the texture of the canvas, measured in ounces. 7-10 oz is commonly used for shirts to summer garments. One of the most popular is 11-12 due to the softness and comfort. The standard weight is 13-14. The maximum, 19-21, is difficult to find but prized by many denim lovers and experts.

Care Label close up

Is selvedge denim a better than regular denim?

It is a desirable feature as it personalizes the back and fifth pocket and tends to have a tighter and denser weave. This gives the denim a sturdier hand, preventing the disintegration of the piece. It’s a must have for a man with style and sophistication.

At Eredi Chiarini, we have chosen pieces of selvedge denim from Italian made brands such as, Care Label. This is because their focus is on quality and excellence.

Next time you pop into our boutique, take a look at the room dedicated to denim. You’ll find quite a diverse range from Care Label. What we appreciate about their quality, is the choice of weights, from 11-14 oz. We stock about 10 different washes and love their elegant fitting.

Keep in mind these characteristics next time when deciding on your newest addition to your wardrobe. You’ll be at ease knowing the refined canvases that will out stand the rest. You’ll be surprised how these small details will be noticed.