The secret to taking care of your shoes


Successfully purchasing a stylish dress shoe is one thing, but its how a man cares for his pair throughout its use is the more admirable aspect. The trick is the knowledge and skill of maintenance.

Here is the fundamental guide to care for your shoes.

The Patina

The ultimate goal is to maintain an attractive patina. No matter how well-made, comfortable and durable the shoe, the look of your patina will be the element of admiration.

Brown shoes– It is appropriate to apply lighter colored polish to cordovan and lighter colored leather. Gently rub in the polish with a good amount of frequency, focusing on the wear areas.

Black shoes– Unlike the brown, the patina for black leather emphasizes the shine. They should be well polished until they reflect light.

The Brushes

Application brush-Some prefer a cloth, for even distribution or some, a brush for reaching into the wrinkles of the leather.
Polishing brush- is the second you must apply when the polish is dry. It’s bristles should be wider than the previous.

shoes care kit florence
shoes care kit florence

The Polish

Wax- Today most recognized shoe polish in the industry is the Australian, Kiwi.
Cream- If you would like a matte finish, use cream, as it does not contain wax like polish. Balm- To keep the skin soft, is colorless and does not have a glossy finish.

Traditional Method

Apply polish with a cloth or brush. Leave to dry for a few minutes, then brush until you achieve a shine. For a throughout polish, apply a second light layer, spray with water and wipe with a soft cloth.

Frequency of care-It is recommended to polish your shoes after every seven full days of use.

Advanced Method

Known as mirror polishing or bulling, used to achieve that extra shine in black shoes a popular application on military boots. The technique is to apply several layers of polish to create a reflective surface.


These shoes should always be brushed otherwise they will use their texture and become smooth. Use an apposite toothbrush with plastic bristles, and a stronger range to clean durable areas.

Our recommendations

  • Turms– An Italian shoe artisan, specialized in luxurious accessories for the care of leather. A shampoo and suede brush for nubuck, the brush for suede and the shoe shiner’s cotton fleece gloves can be found at our boutique.
  • Allen Edmonds- Apart from polish, Allen Edmonds’ heel and sole edge dressing can give you that extra refinement to your look.
  • Eredi Chiarini– Shoe trees in cedar wood is the perfect tool to store your freshly polished pair and can also help to absorb the humidity.