The Kiton Jacket, the best of the best +1

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What makes a Kiton jacket really unique? How can what apparently could be considered a simple coat is actually a masterpiece of the highest Neapolitan tailoring? Our eulogy of the Kiton Jacket.

The idea of “beautiful and well made” has always characterized the approach of Italian fashion: a garment is defined as such when aesthetics, manufacturing techniques and qualitynof materials exist in unison.

Then there are cases in which the idea of beautiful and well-made is so exasperated that it is capable of transforming an object into a work of art.

Masterpieces like the garments by the brand Kiton, a company from Naples founded in 1968 by Ciro Paone, an eclectic persona that was able to transform tailoring from a simple form of craftsmanship to a form of art.

Ciro Paone’s love of quality, beauty and nice clothing have in fact become the foundation of Kiton’s philosophy, best known for the expression “the best of the best +1” or, as best described by the brand itself:

“Our philosophy has always been simple: work hard to reach perfection. If you don’t succeed try again.” – Kiton

kiton jacket
Kiton Jacket details @ Eredi Chiarini

But how does the concept of perfection for Kiton materialize?

The best answer is probably the sum of love, passion and skill. Each Kiton garment is made strictly by hand according to the techniques and tradition of Neapolitan haute couture, expertly cleansed of all eccentric excesses and elevated to an icon of class and timeless style.

Focusing on the jacket, the cornerstone of Kiton style, perfection is to be found in its

Expert hand and eyes in every stage of manufacturing add value to the product, making each piece unique and inimitable. –Kiton

The secret to Kiton’s success probably lies all here, in recognizing that the jacket’s creation is not a merely mechanical act but should be performed with “passion and eye” as told by managing director Antonio De Matteis.

Only thanks to the immense mastery of finished tailors – that is, tailors who, even if they are dealing with a single manufacturing phase, are able to make a jacket from the cutting of the fabric to the final stitch – can you have control in every phase of the jacket’s creation and therefore a level of excellence without equals.

kiton jacket
Kiton jacket details © Eredi Chiarini

Each jacket is created with 33000 hand stitches given by 25 different hands, for a total of approximately 25 work hours.

Therefore, for Kiton the concept of handmade is not a simple label to be proud of but the only way possible to obtain a perfect jacket that takes form on the person who wears it and that is a truly excellent garment that will last a lifetime.

“Handmade stitching moves around the client’s body and begins to shape around him and this makes the Kiton jacket unique in the world.” – Kiton.