Moorer, The Tailored Down Jacket Made Entirely in Italy

||moorer down jacket details

Light weight, top quality details and a timeless style: Moorer down jackets are a great option for the colder seasons.
Here are 6 qualities that make this piece unique:


Sober and sophisticated, Moorer’s design is identified with discreet elegance. These down jackets suit the male wardrobe, adding that extra ‘something’ to each outfit.
Among the various models available in our boutique, we have a version of a short down jacket, a short double breasted jacket and medium length down jacket.


The Moorer jacket is entirely Italian made: the whole work cycle of each piece is made in Italy. The Made in Italy certification is recognized by the Italian Institute for the Protection of Italian Products.


Holding great value and of high quality, Moorer fabrics are chosen to ensure the best result and maximum comfort. The models available at our boutique are made of bi-elastic fabric (the fibres are both horizontally and vertically stretchy, this feature of the fabric facilitates easy movement), coated with resin and water-repellent, available in nylon, wool and cashmere.

moorer down jacket details
Moorer down jacket internal details © Eredi Chiarini


The upholstery of Moorer outwear is made of 100% Siberian goose down, the best type of down available on the market today. This jacket is extremely soft and lightweight, this will guarantee excellent resistance and elastic recovery, as well as breathable and perfect heat retention capacity.
The selection, treatment, processing and sterilization of the jacket is carried out in Italy.

Thermal Insulation

To provide detailed information on the technical performance of the Moorer down jackets, the company has developed a classification criteria by evaluating fabric types, packing modes and down densities. Available in all jackets, Moorer’s thermal insulating index allows you to chose your preferred insulation at various temperatures.
The thermal category belonging to each stage is indicated progressively by the letters A, B, C, D and E.


The allies of every gentleman, the pockets are a subtle detail that Moorer does not neglect. In addition to the outer pockets, the Moorer down jackets are well-structured with other closed zip pockets to help you organize your belongings.