Seasonal trends: spicy colors to wear in the spring

|Chili Oil Pantone Color|Emperador Pantone Color|Sailor Blue Pantone Color|Warm sand Pantone Color

Which colors will Gentlemen be wearing in Spring 2018? There will be no sharp or sudden change: there will be a mixture of spicy colors that will ferry us towards the summer season.

Deep reds, browns, warm yellows as well as earthy greens and accents of burnt and burgundy.
In a Gentleman’s wardrobe colors that we could define spicy return, that is shades that recall the richness of spices such as curry, cinnamon, paprika as well as the thousand shades of chili.

Spicy colors and their soft nuances are the perfect way to accompany us with sobriety towards the triumph of pastel and brilliant colors expected for the summer 2018 season.

No, it isn’t a deja vu of last year’s Autumn/Winter colors: the trendiest colors in men’s Spring 2018 fashion are a sort of continuum with autumn shades; they won’t allow us to easily shake off the winter darkness but will help us awake from winter hibernation.

Translated in Pantone colors (inserted in the customary Pantone Color trend Report), men’s Spring 2018 color palettes are instead and interesting chromatic mix of distinctive colors and great classics perfect for combining with each other to create their own personal style.

Here are our favorite 4:

Pantone 18-1440
Chili Oil

Chili Oil Pantone Color
Chili Oil Pantone Color © Pantone

Seasonal yet at the same time non seasonal. “Chili Oil” red is an earthy brown with a red base, which adds flair to the spring palette.

Pantone 18-1028

Emperador Pantone Color
Emperador Pantone Color © Pantone

A trendy shade, the result of the fusion of rich chocolate with Emperor brown, which adds strength and depth to the color palette for Spring 2018.

Pantone 19-4034
Sailor Blue

Sailor Blue Pantone Color
Sailor Blue Pantone Color © Pantone

Inserted among the classic colors Sailor Blue is nothing more than an elegant shade of navy blue, a perfect base for seasonal combinations.

Pantone 15-1214
Warm Sand

Warm sand Pantone Color
Warm sand Pantone Color © Pantone

Warm Sand is a key color of the wardrobe that seems to return throughout the year, a neutral and comforting tone that effortlessly connects the seasons.