Winter Jacket


As we approach the cooler months of the year, we begin to pull out our most warmest of garments.

Thick coats and chunky layers do not always have to be the right choice to keep us from the cold.
In 1940 Bauer patented the first quilted down jacket. The ideal choice for men who want to keep that sense of elegance during the coldest of climates. The down filling of either goose or duck down, give the piece its lightweight and insulated characteristics.

We tried to answer to the most communes questions about Winter Jackets:

What makes a down jacket warm?

The fill-It can be made from pure down or a mix of synthetic materials. The best quality to look out for is goose down, preferably from older birds (the most soft feathers come from the base of the goose’s neck).
The fill power- the fluffiness of the padding. The higher the fill power the more insulating the jacket will become. A perfect amount of fill power would be 550, and anything above 750 for excellent insulation.


Who makes a good down jacket?

There are many high-proclaimed brands on the market, some include Canada Goose, Maramont, The North Face or REI. In our boutique, we provide a wide range of the finest quality from Moncler’s padded parka, Herno’s down jacket as well as Moorer, Sealup, Fay’s clothing, all using goose down fill.

How to choose your own?

This will depend on your intended use of this garment, whether you are considering to wear it for an adventurous purpose or simply for the everyday. If in high altitudes with a moderate temperature a light compact jacket would suit best especially for skiing, climbing, or hiking. For the everyday, warmth and style is your main priority.

What styles to choose from?

Lightweight Quilted Jacket -To dress in a classic look. 100% synthetic material is best for an easily laudable piece.
Wind-proof Short Jacket– A must have in every gentleman’s wardrobe, dating back to the early twenties. Quilted Vest- An excellent solution for the in-between months of colder seasons. This garment allows for movability for your arms while keeping your torso warm whilst exercising.
Saharan Africa– A casual look used as a long windbreaker.
Hunting Jacket– It is very similar to the prior style, although the blue colour gives it formal dignified look for the city.
Windbreaker– For outdoor use, to show a sporty but admirable look.
Parka– A longer version of the quilted jacket, we recommended the range from Moncler.
Bomber Jacket– Take on the classic American look, paired with chinos and boat shoes.

How to pack a winter jacket for travel?

First, zip it up fully. Lay it flat and fold in the sleeves. Fold the coat in half. Then tightly roll from the bottom to the top. Secure with an elastic band and place in your suitcase.