Men’s jackets: how to wear them with a turtleneck sweater


For Fall Winter 2017/2018 jacket “rhymes” with turtleneck sweater. A well-known combination, the charm of this pairing, an elegant yet at the same time relaxed style, is timeless and always current.

What are the steps in choosing the right jacket/turtleneck pairing? Our advice is to experiment with combinations of styles, colors and materials.

In the choice of a jacket style that goes well with the much beloved turtleneck, do not exclude elegant models: in the game of overlapping garments and fabrics even the more formal jackets will acquire a contemporary appeal, suitable for all sorts of different occasions.

Feel free to match materials and heaviness: a velvet jacket, better if ribbed, worn over a turtleneck is a great classic that is back in the limelight, inevitably reminiscent of the style of the 70’s intellectuals.

Maglioni Drumohr e Zanone
Turtleneck sweater from Drumohr and Zanone

Discover our in depth information on velvet, one of the most versatile materials in a man’s wardrobe.

In regards to colors for this winter season, neutral and earthy tones and the always timeless blue are the trends. For the undercoat, that is the turtleneck, we suggest opting for a solid skillfully paired as to contrast the tones of the jacket that was chosen.

Are you looking for a more unexpected and impressive combination?

We took a risk and paired a brown turtleneck, with small tone-on-tone motifs, by Tagliatore, with a wool suit-jacket and waistcoat- by Ernesto with a blue and brown herringbone motif. Two apparently distant male garments that, in this combination, acquire a totally new style and energy.

Ernesto Jacket