Men’s Shoes: Elegance in the Colder Seasons


Elegant and ideal footwear to be worn even within the most hostile climates. For the Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 collection, Ortigni and Doucal’s have designed the perfect shoe with a rubber commando sole suited for the cold seasons as well as for your most formal outfits.

In a theoretical list of the least adaptable menswear items for winter, it would definitely feature classic shoes.
By definition, the latter, are made of a smooth leather sole. Most traditionalists even hate the addition of a small non-slip sole.

This strict idea makes it really hard to wear formal footwear on colder, rainy days whilst walking on wet and slippery surfaces.

The dynamic winter environment therefore requires shoes that can suit the particular climate, a pair that will allow you to move with agility and maximum comfort. Although, these characteristics does not necessarily mean the shoe should have a purely technical sports aesthetic.

It’s possible to be flawless at all times: If you have a formal classic style and you do not want to jeopardize your aplomb, the right shoe for you during the cold seasons, is a compromise between design and performance, a hybrid with the appeal of the classic male shoe which guarantees the comfort of a casual shoe.

The new editions of Autumn / Winter for Ortigni and Doucal’s have acknowledged this need by proposing particular models that can be worn with the most formal outfits (such as in the office) or paired with a more relaxed look with jeans or casual pants worn during your free time.

Let’s look both in detail:


Ortigni proposes two versions of the shoe with a rubber commando sole: The classic brogue and the ankle boot.
Both are in suede, suited for heavier fabrics of the men’s winter wardrobe. They have a durable armoured sole and a red interior typical of the Made in Tuscany brand, as well as using a technical lace method.


The double version is also for Doucal’s footwear, available in low laced cut shoe or as an ankle boot, in light and dark brown leather, with a leather or rubber commando sole.
In both of the models, the Norwegian tip stands for maximum strength.