Men’s Trousers of Autumn / Winter 17-18: A preview of the next season


It’s a principal piece of a man’s wardrobe and a choice that should always be well-considered: find out which elegant trousers will be worn by all gentleman in the next season.

In terms of style, fit, texture and color the new editions of mens elegant trousers are clear and well defined:

the Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 will return to the sober and intrinsically elegant College approach, most famously known as Preppy Style.

For those of you who are not accustomed to the term ‘Preppy’, it is a style used in fashion since the early fifties, a clear reference to the British and then adopted by the upper class of American students, ‘university- preparatory’ or prep schools (i.e. the equivalent of our higher regarded institutes). This style is closely linked to that of the Ivy League, and was only adopted by the most prestigious American universities.

PT Pantaloni Torino © Eredi Chiarini

To get straight to the point, this style is characterized by the use of British colors to represent excellence, such as red, bottle green, navy blue, beige and brown with patterns of wide stripes or squares. The classic look includes button down shirts, jerseys, polos, blazers and moccasins.

Returning to the Winter 2017-2018 Collection, men’s trousers will recall the retro luxury of the college style, but not screaming of it.

“Details are drawn from the renowned English tradition, such as the oxford neckties and shirts worn in the 50’s by Anglo-American colleges.” – PT-pantalonitorino.it

Here we also have PT Pantaloni Torino, a Made in Italy brand who solely focus on the search for the best materials and on the perfection of a fit. Decoding the salient features of the College style and making it the basis for a pair of contemporary classic trousers.

PT Pantaloni Torino © Eredi Chiarini

The result is; high-waisted pants with a double pince, a soft thigh and a straight bottom as well as a pocket watch with a flap, an oxford interior, regimental piping, a matching belt, suspenders and a clutch.

These are a pair of trousers that stand out for its impeccable Gentleman Fit, with a true expression of elegance and refinement, and guaranteed to be an indisputable must-have this Autumn and Winter.