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The power of classic combinations in the age of the clamor

What are the classic combinations that, regardless of trends, a man could show off, while still appearing fashionable? We talk about it in our post.


Style and fashion are two different things. As we had the opportunity to tell you in a past post, the first has to do with the person in his individuality, in his path of growth. Fashion, on the other hand, is a social phenomenon. Lately, we are used to seeing men who, to be fashionable, dare to wear forced combinations and/or flaunt excesses that have little to do with style.

Style: why every man should have his own

The question then arises: are style and fashion mutually exclusive? We don’t believe that. You can be trendy with style. How? By taking advantage of the contemporary suggestions offered by designers and companies in the sector, metabolizing and inserting them into one’s way of being, of appearing and in one’s context of life. After all, elegance is a matter of balance.

An alternative to the following fashion, while distinguishing oneself in style and character, could be to opt for classic combinations, reproducing them from season to season thanks to garments reinterpreted with a contemporary taste. An expert eye will be able to grasp the refinement in your being individual à la page.

Here are some evergreen combinations that you can always show off.

Business formal: black shoes and grey pants for a businessman look

What’s the best combination to create an elegant and fashionable look in work contexts? Combine a classic black laced shoe – whether derby or oxford – and a pair of grey trousers, such as those by PT101 in the photo.

We have said it several times before and we repeat it here as well: footwear is the element of men’s clothing capable of making a difference (attention, even negatively!).

You might ask us: how can this classic combination also be considered fashionable? Isn’t it too simple? Think of a modern interpretation of the trousers. A high-waisted model – as we have seen many of in recent years – perhaps pleated in front, could give a new twist to your look.

In winter you could wear it, pairing a white shirt and a blue or camel-coloured cashmere sweater. Or, you might dare with a burgundy turtleneck. In Spring, however, you could opt for a solid colour double-breasted jacket. Guaranteed results.

Business chic: total blue for an effortlessly elegant style

Does the combination propose earlier seem too serious? Well, an alternative, to attend a business appointment with an appropriate outfit, could be a total blue look. Think of Giorgio Armani and his classic and sophisticated allure! Start by choosing blue tailored trousers. In Autumn-Winter wear them with a turtleneck, jacket, coat and scarf of the same shade. In Spring with a light, tone-on-tone cashmere sweater, and a jacket-sweater or a trench coat or Saharan-style jacket.

How can you avoid appearing anonymous and boring? As we always say, thanks to the attention to detail. Take care in choosing the usual point of blue or different shades, but capable of pairing with each other. Pay attention to the fabrics and their consistency, trying to balance them.

Urban chic: white pants, brown moccasins and checkered jacket to get noticed

For your free time, however, a look of great charm based on classic combinations that are never too common could be created with the combination of light cream-coloured trousers, worn with a check motif jacket. To create a classy outfit, we suggest you choose this later item – as well as the sweater and/or shirt to be paired and possibly the coat – in complementary colours such as green (preferably olive), brown (in shades of beige or chestnut) or Bordeaux.

The final finish should be given by a brown loafer with a strong personality.

Urban sport: jeans and jacket or cardigan to feel free

Jeans – it is well known – is a piece of men’s clothing that never goes out of style. Therefore, they could not be excluded from the list of evergreen combinations to be re-proposed beyond the current trends.

In their democratic nature and in the universal language they represent, they lend themselves to being the basis for building informal looks, with varying degrees of sophistication. The final result will depend on the combinations picked. During the colder months, worn with a shirt and a cardigan, they will wink at a preppy, more youthful and less demanding style. Worn with a jacket and a turtleneck, however, they will give you a more classic look.

Which footwear to choose? Various options. Among these, we suggest either a high boot or a sneaker. If invited to a dinner with friends, the first solution is better; if, on the other hand, you would like to wear a pair of Jacob Cohën or Hand Picked for a Sunday stroll, go ahead with a sneaker.

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