Rainwear: 4 Essential Items


Spring calls for unpredictable weather but this is not an excuse to lose your look. Here are the fundamental articles of clothing every gentlemen will need to tackle the rain in style.

The Casual Parka

This versatile, mid-weight jacket is the preferred choice for men always on the move. This is where you can really experiment with various models to match the occasion. You can experiment with some bold and bright colours that will surely pop in dull weather.

We recommend Sealup’s SS17 Hooded Parka. This is one jacket you would want to be caught in the heavy rain. It is completely waterproof, including the seams, with the option of attaching a hood.

It is also necessary to mention Sealup’s Vasco de Gama. One of the most authentic waterproof designs earned from its “heavy duty” fabric and rubberised cotton canvas. Yellow is the go to colour that will make you the highlight amongst the gray skies. Including the unique touch of it’s buttons, inspired by of those from a fire- man’s coat.

Hooded Parka Sealup © Eredi Chiarini
Hooded Parka Sealup © Eredi Chiarini

The Classic Trench Coat

A tailored trench coat is one of the worlds most enduring clothing icons. Originally worn by WWI British officers as a modern lightweight garment to protect them from the natural elements. The classic double breasted coat took its full form after adopting combat requirements of, waterproof cotton, shoulder straps, D-rings, waist and wrist belts, gun flap, and much more. These are the same characteristics preserved through fashion and is still it’s distinguished appearance today. The iconic colour is khaki, but if you travel often, a dark navy blue is a favorable option. Keep an eye out for the fabric of 100% cotton as it is the most desirable. It is the perfect topcoat to match any suit of a casual business day.

The Modern Mac

A Mac is much alike to the trench coat as it is treated with cotton or a waterproof nylon blend. Although the difference is within the design. They are a single-breasted construct, embracing a much simpler style. This gives you the freedom to dress it up or down from a suit to a t-shirt and shorts. As well as keeping it unbuttoned to compliment your outfit. The mac represents an uncomplicated yet sophisticated piece that can adapt to any trend.

Detalis of Vasco De Gama Parka Sealup © Eredi Chiarini
Detalis of Vasco De Gama Parka Sealup © Eredi Chiarini

Sleek Galoshes

This is the perfect shoe for those who want to always wear their favourite leather sole shoes in rain, hail or shine. Galoshes are easily slipped on top of your shoes for protection and can suit even the most elegant models. They are made from natural rubber and have non-slip soles. Swims galoshes are available at our boutique, we offer a wide range in multiple sizes and colors.

Are your ready to add new rainwear items to your wardrobe? Come to visit us, our style experts will be happy to help you!