Real Gentleman: Salvatore Madonna

We had the pleasure of talking with Salvatore Madonna, the owner of Byron Hotel in Forte dei Marmi, a 5-star boutique hotel that preserve the authentic Versilia charm. Discover the interview below.

Salvatore is passionate about hospitality, cooking and beauty, and we met him in Forte dei Marmi with Cristoforo Trapani, the starred chef of Magnolia restaurant, the Hotel Byron crown jewel.

Byron Hotel © Eredi Chiarini

Which part of art of hospitality do you love more?

The beauty of our country is second to none. I love to introduce and share this beauty.

You have been defined a starred chef talent scout. Tell us more about your passion for cooking.

Cooking is about influences, traditions and culture; it’s a complex and charming topic. The thing that I love most is put people at the heart of what we do.

The key value of the Soft Living Places group is also in the ability to transform every stay into a wellness and style experience. But what does it mean for you Style?

I think style is about the way each of us communicate; it’s could be innate or artificial but in each case style tells who we are, where we are from and how we approach to life.

Cristoforo Trapani and Salvatore Madonna © Eredi Chiarini

What are your favorite wardrobe items and which you worn more?

Shoes and winter sweaters.

Being gentleman it’s not only about the clothes that we possess. Over the attitude issue, which features are essential to this definition?

I agree that the main aspect is the attitude and the approach to life as the education you received. However I believe that each of us has the ability to refine these characteristics.  Time, experience, travel, understanding what is near and far, and, of course, a good guide are able to grown “the gentlemen factor”.