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Rota: Italian made trousers since 1962

Rota is a company that produces tailored trousers entirely Made in Italy since 1962. We chose it for you because, in fact, it represents Italian craftsmanship excellence, capable to innovate by enhancing tradition. We introduce the brand through this interview with Mr. Emilio Rota.


His majesty the trousers; if so desired, we could thus introduce our interview with Mr. Emilio Rota who leads the Maison founded in 1962 with a mission as simple as it is powerful: to elevate trousers from a supporting male garment over the jacket, to an absolutely independent leader, worthy of its own visibility and autonomy. A revolutionary concept if placed in the historical context in which the company started its production.
Let’s meet them to better understand their philosophy and grasp the details that make Rota trousers indispensable in a modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

Since 1962, Rota has established itself on the men’s fashion stage for trousers of the highest quality, no longer as “supporting actors” for jackets and sportscoats, but as the main protagonists. How is this long tradition reflected in today’s production? What are the signs of this rich and important experience?

Rota pantaloni corda Photo courtesy of Rota

We have always followed the principles and ideas that led to the birth of our company in 1962. We persevere in the maximum pursuit of quality and at the same time we try to offer better and better services to our customers all over the world. Every day, our goal is to try to raise the quality level of our products higher and higher to satisfy our loyal customers; all this is possible only by maintaining our sartorial and traditional production technique, the result of more than 50 years of experience and above all by maintaining our internal production 100% Made in Italy.

What vision guides Rota’s unmistakable style?

The vision is the same for which our company was born: to elevate trousers to be the protagonist of men’s clothing and not a second-rate item. Trousers are an irreplaceable item in men’s clothing, there are no alternatives, and that is why we strive every day to give it the importance it deserves and to make it even more special.

Today, what does it mean today to be a brand that is 100% Made in Italy?

Pantaloni sartoriali Rota Photo courtesy of Rota

It means being part of a niche of companies that still firmly believe in the superiority, from every point of view, of Italian craftsmanship compared to large-scale, low-quality foreign productions. It also means keeping alive a tradition that has made Italy a point of reference in the world and of which we should be more respectful and proud.

How does Rota read the spirit of this time period, marked by the difficulties of this pandemic emergency?

The world is experiencing very difficult times and talking about clothing may seem superfluous. We cannot help but dedicate ourselves to make sure that this period passes as soon as possible, we must be responsible and think that today’s sacrifices will have a positive consequence tomorrow.

We will leave this experience perhaps with the awareness that we will need, in every area, fewer products but of higher quality and for this reason we will try to favor those who produce products that are truly Made in Italy, because it is quite difficult to find abroad the quality found in those who produce in Italy and I hope that we will also do so out of a sense of pride and solidarity towards our country.

If you were to suggest three types of trousers that a gentleman should buy in order to build a wardrobe capable of covering different occasions, which ones would you suggest?

A warm flannel / wool for the coldest winter days, a pant that never goes out of style and is suitable for every occasion.

A plaid / patterned wool trousers for special occasions or free time… a pair of trousers that stand out, have a unique look and express your personality.

A Rotasport cotton for free time or more informal occasions, a sporty but at the same time elegant garment with great comfort.

Have we satisfied your curiosity? To search our selection of Rota tailored trousers, click here.

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