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A Conversation With Stefano Ortigni

Shoes, male elegance and the city of Florence: an interview to Stefano Ortigni, one of the three Ortigni brothers that lead “Ortigni Calzature”, a business that handcrafts some of the best shoes in Italy since 1930.

scarpe-uomo-ortigni-2 © Ortigni

We talked about shoes, elegance and the beauty of the city of Florence with Stefano Ortigni, one of the brothers who used their passion and determination to turn their family’s ancient shoes-crafting tradition into a worldwide leading business.

Ortigni’s story dates back to 1930; the brand has still some very loyal (and famous) clients that they like to call “Friends”, the brand’s headquarters and workshops are still based in Pistoia where everything started and nowadays they still like to be called “shoemakers” rather than “business men”. Who better thank the Ortigni family could give us their point of view on Made in Italy and footwear?

What are the fundamental features of a Men’s shoe?

In my opinion men’s shoe needs to be well structured, made of durable leather and with fairly heavy leather bottom stock.
These are the essential characteristics to make high quality, stylish and durable shoe.

scarpe-ortigni-3 © Ortigni

Which is your favorite shoe model? (Shape, color, material etc ..)

I always wear English style moccasins, made of burgundy cordovan leather with double leather sole; excellent for all occasions, I wear it all year round.

What is the must-have piece that every man should have in his wardrobe?

Every men should have a new white shirt ready to unwrap in his closet.

If Eredi Chiarini were a shoe, what model it would be?

Without any doubt it would be an Alden Plain model, color 8. This shoe is perfect for an important ceremony but also with a white bermuda. It is durable but always fashionable.

eredi-chiarini-ortigni Scarpa Eredi Chiarini Ortigni

Which are your favorite view of Florence?

Going down to Via San Leonardo there is a breath-taking panorama. It’s a special Florence postcard view.

Which are your favorite place in Florence?

Definitely one of my favorite spots in Florence is “Trattoria da Tullio” in Montebeni, Fiesole. Here you can eat simple, traditional and high quality food. The Bacciotti family, owner of the restaurant, are people of great courtesy and humanity: they are involve in first person to help the family of children suffering from terrible diseases being treated at the hospital Meyer.

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