Sealup: A Notable Choice For Outerwear


What is one of the most important creators of Italian rainwear and luxury outerwear in the world?
Sealup. If you did not know them already, you must quickly become acquainted with, especially as this season involves a lot of brisk days with a shower or two.

Sealup open their doors in Milan in 1935 following the strict philosophy of “Uncompromising Quality”. Their initial focus were raincoats and as a result of their dignified reputation, expanded their outwear collection in 1950. Still to this day, their quality garments are made in Italy maintaining their unique taste and passion. Using fully integrated industrial and innovative technology from Italian facilities, whilst practicing safe workplace and eco-friendly policies.

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We asked a few questions to the co-owner of Sealup, Filippo Chiesa, for an insight into his style.

1. Hello Filippo, we want to know, why “Sealup”?

The name is purely made up, originating in 1935 from the words “sea” and “lup”. It is uncertain of its origins but it is quite evocative.
They began with perfecting the raincoat. Whilst, taking into consideration the clothing industry of until the Second World War, was exclusively reserved to tailors.
The brand adopted the characteristic head of the Sea Wolf, it was perfect to symbolize the production of waterproof wear and our visionary way of thinking. It matched his personality and became an easy to remember. This concept still remains for the brand today, as well as the handwriting that currently is in use, dating back to the ‘70s.

2. Your garments are all truly wonderful and involve a great attention to detail in almost an obsessive manner. What would be the Sealup piece you’re most fond of?

I have to say the trench coat double-cloth, I would even bring it in the shower. Although as of more recently, the peacoat.
As for the quality, it’s never enough. It is outstanding, from every detail, plus it is a tough brand that can be used over a long time.


3. What is the male accessory that you can not do without?

A robe.

4. Is there anything in your opinion, that has harmed the modern man? Something that crosses the fine line between caring and being excessive?

When you meet someone who tells you “How you look so fashionable nowadays, did you go to some party?” It means you have crossed the line…


5. And what would be your favorite spot in Florence?

La Buca dell’Orafo