November 11, 2020, Singles’ Day: self-esteem and style

Singles’ Day is approaching. The Holiday designed to celebrate being single is an occasion for us to encourage you to work on your-esteem which, given these difficult times, is also a way of strengthening your immune defences by rewarding your self-esteem.

Singles’ Day can be the occasion to strengthen love for yourself, perhaps by buying yourself a garment with which to feel the best


11.11.20, the date for Singles’ Day, deliberately evocative: two times 11, four 1’s. So what better occasion than this to dedicate yourself to yourself? After all, it is well known that love for oneself is the real key to personal well-being and a prerequisite for the path to develop your own style, which we’ve talked about in the past.

Whether you are single and looking for a partner, whether you are single by choice or you are accompanied, below you will find some simple tips to increase your self-esteem (it is always good for everyone). Our two style proposals are dedicated to Singles’ Day 2020, autumn outfit suggestions, the first with an extremely casual style, the second sporty chic.  For all readers of this post, whether single or not, we reserve a gift: those who buy online at least one item from our two proposals will receive a discount of 11.11% on that item, by using discount code 1111SINGLEDAY2020.

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ooking in the mirror, do you like and appreciate yourself? This is the question to ask as we approach Singles’ Day on November 11th. Self-esteem is, in fact, our emotional immune system, so not taking care of it is equivalent to exposing oneself to the risk of getting sick and remaining isolated.

If it is true that often the difficulties in our personal and professional lives can undermine the way we feel about ourselves, it is equally true that the “storms” we face offer us the opportunity to congratulate ourselves on the way in which we have faced and overcome them.

Therefore, whatever the events that have negatively affected your self-esteem, only by stopping to compare yourself to others will you fall in love with who you really are. By doing so, you will attract the right person or “travel companion”. Surely, in such a difficult period as the one we are experiencing, thanks to your self-esteem, you will be able to build healthy habits and you will be facilitated in overcoming the obstacles of this uncertain time in a more agile way.

This is the invitation (and hope) that we want to share as Singles’ Day approaches. Easy? Not exactly. Self-esteem must be trained just like the body. So here are some simple exercises to try, that are also suggested by mental professionals like Guy Winch (for more tips we recommend this post on the TED blog).

  1. use self-compassion. When you feel critical of yourself, imagine that a dear friend is being that critical of himself and write him a message to support and cheer him up. Reread it and think that this is the message you should be giving to yourself.
  2. overcome the fear of being judged and of not being accepted. They create anxiety that prevents us from revealing ourselves for what we really are. Consequently, relationships are established based on fiction and therefore destined not to last over time.
  3. break your mental patterns and do something different. Go beyond the limits generated in your mind and try your hand at small or big new challenges. They will be precious lymph for your self-confidence. Finding yourself capable of doing unexpected things will be like discovering unexplored sides of yourself.
  4. (suggested by Eredi Chiarini) shopping to celebrate one’s singleness. After training your mind to have self-esteem, it’s time for a little gratification. You could, for example, go shopping for Singles’ Day. In fact, choosing an item of clothing you like could make you feel rewarded.

Which? On the Eredi Chiarini online shop, you will find a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories suggestions from the best Italian and international brand, suitable for a day such as the Singles’ Day, as well as for other holidays and different occasions. From the more formal ones to the sportier ones.

For this occasion, we suggest an outfit with which you could celebrate your singleness and we have added a small gift: an 11,11% discount that will be applied only on the items suggested in this post, valid for online purchases only y using discount code 1111SINGLEDAY2020


So, let’s discover the look, starting with a pair of black RRD pants which are able to combine a clean and elegant line with a particularly flattering slim fit – also available in navy blue and other colors.


With their narrow bottom these Lycra pants can be paired with a pair of sneakers like Jacob Cohen’s, Garret model: in white leather, with the detail of the logo on the back and in the laces, they are men’s footwear perfect for leisure. A successful mix of modern with a twist vintage.


Lastly, we suggest a simple Drumohr turtleneck. This brown stockinette stitch turtle neck, with its regular fit, adapts well to different body types and gives a refined, timeless allure. The Drumohr turtleneck is also available in merino navy, vero, cream, red and mustard.



The second look that we propose is slightly more formal, with a Lardini jacket in pure wool with a forest green and dark blue houndstooth pattern. With a slim drop 7 fit, this jacket is ustructured and fully unlined, 100% made in Italy.


We have paired the jacket with extremely comfortable trousers to create a contrast. In a soft and comfortable navy-blue jersey, the PT trousers have a slim fit but, thanks to the stretch fabric and the elastic waistband with drawstrings, they are pleasantly worn almost like sweatpants. Also available in a melange gray version.


The Premiata Lander 4949 sneakers in black with forest green details complete this outfit. High quality Italian materials assembled to obtain a comfortable and resistant shoe.


What do you think? To find your personal interpretation of outfits for Singles’ Day 2020, browse our online shop.

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