Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessories: Eredi Chiarini scarves and ties


Change of season, change of accessories. For this SS 2018 season materials, weights and color nuances of ties and scarves find a new balance as they adapt to this season’s wardrobe. Discover what’s new in our Eredi Chiarini Collection.

Spring/Summer 2018’s trends have not spared even men’s fashion. Ties and scarves of the new Eredi Chiarini Collection have adopted and reinterpreted the most interesting innovations that are conquering Gentlemen’s wardrobes. Let’s see in detail what they are.

Eredi Chiarini ties, the style for 2018

© Eredi Chiarini

Flowers of complementary colors bloom over the entire length of our Spring Summer 2018 ties. The dimensions vary, from large buds, almost abstract, to small decorations that at first glance are confused for geometric prints.

The white backgrounds help us emphasize the different fantasies and give brightness without
ignoring those rules of sober elegance that have always distinguished Eredi Chiarini ties. The favorite material for our ties is printed silk, perfect for conferring the right lightness.

close up eredi chiarini
© Eredi Chiarini

In addition to the radiance of the floral theme, this season’s trend in stripes is declined with a selection of regimental ties in full bold colors and made of raw weft silk (which is characterized by the irregularity of the surface and to the knotty and not smooth feel to the touch).

Note: as a consequence of the overwhelming return of the 80s style, thin ties are losing space to wide ties and consequently our models, with great discretion, have adapted to this trend as well.

Want to know more about tie widths? Read our article.

Men’s scarves Eredi Chiarini, the style for 2018

close up fantasie sciarpe eredi chiarini 2018
© Eredi Chiarini

Bright colors and psychedelic prints: very light and colorful, Spring/Summer 2018 Eredi Chiarini scarves are all made of silk.
Yellow is a must have, a key player in men’s collections. Also present the already mentioned floral prints that are proposed in versions either as well defined fantasies or oversized and almost fluid as in the case of the prints that openly pay homage to the 80s, another great trend of 2018.