How we will dress in this Spring-Summer 2020

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What does men’s fashion offer for Spring-Summer 2020? After taking part in this edition of Pitti Uomo Immagine and following the fashion shows, we give you some previews.


The new year has just begun and it is already time to ask ourselves how we will dress in the next season. From what was seen during the last Pitti Immagine Uomo event and from the European catwalks, the Spring-Summer 2020 man will be less and less tied to certain schemes and increasingly projected to experiment, through fashion, the desire to communicate his personality, beyond clichés. This is demonstrated, for example, by the colour revolution undertaken by men’s clothing companies. No longer the exclusive prerogative of women’s fashion, but also a trend in men’s, capable of affirming how a man’s identity can be defined even beyond social conventions or traditional models.

Yet, even alongside the desire to overcome conventions, the certainties of the past remain. The creation of “coolness” based on great classics is proof. In Spring-Summer 2020 we will find the trench coat, the blazer in its vintage version, like those inherited from fathers and grandparents, and we will see the transversal affirmation of knitwear (in pants, jackets and obviously in pullovers). But let’s see what the main trends for the next season will be.

Experimentation and overcoming clichés in men’s clothing

In this macro trend, we intend to group all those trends in which we see the desire to downplay and overcome the conventions of men’s fashion. A hymn to the freedom to be authentic.

Dressing “normcore”

A busy life; private and public relations increasingly mixed in social life with fluid outlines. Thus, clothing items increasingly follow the imperative of comfort, combining it with the need for style. For this reason, it becomes increasingly trendy to seem casual and relaxed – precisely “normcore” – opting for a cleaner appearance, for garments without visible logos, with more fluid fabrics and larger volumes. An example? Cargo pants are back on the catwalk, re-proposed with a higher waist. Solid colour cotton t-shirts become ideal canvases on which to build urban-style looks. What’s more versatile and chicer than a high-quality white polo shirt like Zanone’s?

Color Revolution

With the Spring-Summer 2020 fashion shows, pink returns – and not only! Already Pantone of the year 2016, it is often referred to as the colour of the Third Millennium, of Generation Y, because it is fluid and gender-free. A traditionally feminine colour, catapulted into the male context for an à la page style, sometimes even a little dandy. Do you remember, for example, the “pink suit” worn by the protagonist in the film The Great Gatsby? Surely in our windows and our shop, you will see touches of this nuance mixed with classic pieces. But pink is not the only protagonist. Colours make a comeback, especially in their pastel variations. A great exploit of green in shades of sage. But you will also see the use of orange, like in these Incotex pants.

Discover Incotex trousers

“Coolness” based on the great classics.

On the opposite side, but complementary, in Spring-Summer 2020 we will witness the recovery of great classics such as the trench coat, reinterpreted in a modern key. Anchors to experimentation processes that need their compasses.

The trench coat

The evolution of the trench uniform (from which its name derives) the trench coat keeps its elegant and reassuring DNA but, it is interpreted in a softer key. Expanded in volumes and made of ultralightweight technical fabrics. Thanks to these choices – made possible by the continuous research of the best manufacturing companies – the functional value of this garment increases, making it an indispensable must-have to protect from the wind and spring and summer rains.

Full of charm, the interpretation given by Caruso: a classically sophisticated walnut-coloured trench coat.

Safari Inspirations

Does dressing beige from head to toe scare you and do you fear the “tourist in the desert effect” especially in urban contexts? Leave those fears behind. On the catwalks, extensive recalls to the “Safari” look have been seen. Therefore, tap into your travel memories and saved emotions; try to experiment with the mix of shades of this nuance.

In Spring-Summer 2020 the coats and trousers with a tailored construction are tinted with the shades of the colours of the earth, to remind us that wherever we are headed, the journey is the path we are taking, rather than the destination. A way of interpreting a new exotic and adventurous masculinity, thanks to a great and sophisticated classic in the tradition of men’s clothing.

What do you think of these trends? Are you curious to see how these and others will take shape in our proposals? You will only have to wait a few more weeks and your curiosity will be satisfied.

In the meantime, we are waiting for you in our store. You will find some previews and, only for a few more days, a selection of items on sale.