Ten c, anatomy of spring’s best parka


Perfect for every season, faithful to the original parka style and made with materials of exceptional quality: to define the Ten c fishtail parka a simple men’s spring jacket is reductive. Discover all the details that make this garment one of a kind.

Having become a timeless garment in a man’s wardrobe, the parka is still appreciated for its transversal style – it easily pairs with an elegant suit – and for being extremely practical and functional (characteristics that especially distinguish those models that refer to the historical garment used in 1951 as a military uniform in the Korean War).

The Eskimo, discover the characteristics of this garment very similar to a Parka

What are the characteristics that make the Ten c fishtail parka the best choice for Spring?

Here are 4 “macro” reasons for choosing a Ten c parka.


The Ten c idea, your style

Ten is the acronym of The Emperor’s New Clothes, the Danish fable by Hans Christian Andersen that encourages us to go beyond appearances and concentrate on the substance of things.

A name that perfectly fits with the will of the project’s founders, Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey, to go beyond fashions and focus on the more iconic garments in a man’s wardrobe such as the parka, the field jacket and outerwear in general.

Following the philosophy of the search for a personal style, Ten c garments have no label, neither internal nor external but only a reference to the type of garment (for example in the parka we will find only a label bearing the words Parka and the words Made in Italy), made in such a way that it shapes to the body and to the daily adventures of its owner and are made to last a lifetime.

The Ten c parka is devoid of references to passing fashions, it was created to live with you every day, to become part of the story of your life, and become one of those important objects from which it is difficult to separate oneself from.

OJJ, the Japanese jersey that makes a difference

To make a garment that intends to last a lifetime, quality must be distinctive. If a ten c parka is capable of reflecting your personal story and become unique (even compared to the same Ten c garment worn by a different person) the merit goes to the pursuit of the best quality.

In fact this parka is made of the exclusive OJJ fabric, a fine polyester jersey manufactured in Japan, worked in Italy and exclusive of Ten c.

Its particular characteristics make it a fabric with a memory: just like denim it is a fabric that must be lived and worn because only this way will it become more beautiful and comfortable, like a second skin.

OJJ is also ultra light, breathable, waterproof and being a jersey guarantees a unique tactile sensation.


A design consistent with the “original Parka”

Through the years, to accommodate seasonal trends, the original parka style has been constantly revisited. The Ten c parka, instead, makes the classic parka characteristics its fixed styling points: the model is based on the M-65 with a wide fit; the back is longer and has the characteristic fishtail opening (or dovetail) that favors movement; it has multiple pockets; has a drawstring on the waistline; in the detachable hood there is a wire that allows you to modulate the opening and better protect yourself from the elements.

A spring parka, but perfect for every season

Ten c is the perfect spring parka so as not to be caught unprepared by the unpredictability of the season: the OJJ fabric gives it extreme lightness and comfort, it is resistant and perfectly waterproof.

It doesn’t need to be put in a closet at the end of the warm season because, thanks to the different inner linings available (in down or sheepskin and felt for the hood) it is perfect for all seasons and can be used year round.