The Art of Classic Shaving: essential shaving accessories for a modern Gentleman

A guide to the classic shaving essentials for the man who wants to re-discover the pleasure of shaving with a very traditional method.

Although it is now becoming more and more uncommon, the ritual of “classic shaving”, with traditional shaving techniques is not going to disappear any soon: in the century of electric razors, disposable razors and growing number of followers of the “long beard” trend, there’s still room for a niche of consumer, a niche of man that prefer a classic ways of shaving, the one that our grandpas used, with a traditional razor and its complementary accessories.

The gentleman that chooses this kind of shaving method doesn’t just look for the perfect shave, but also loves taking his time, following an ancient ritual that needs slow, accurate actions, surrounding the daily routine with a veil of a really fascinating uniqueness.

The ritual of classic shaving it’s not just about soaping, shaving and washing it all away: it is also about a good knowledge and care in choosing the right shaving accessories, to achieve perfection.

That’s because the classic shaving method assures a great shaving quality while minimizing the risk of irritations, as long as the correct and high quality tools have been involved.

Beard shaving accessories: the essentials

Razors, brushes, soaps and creams are the essentials of the Gentleman’s shaving kit and choosing them carefully is fundamental. Here are some of our suggestions to help you doing it right:

  • Traditional or safety razor

    The traditional razor is made of steel and it has an handle, blades and blade protections.
    Differently from the free-hand barber’s one, the safety razor is also safe and easy to use.
    What really makes the difference, then, is the kind of safety bars you’re going to choose: the “closed” one is perfect for lighter, more delicate beards while the “open” one is perfect even for the hardest and more heavy beards.

    Our advice
    : while choosing, check the razor’s weight: it should be medium weighted and should also have a grip on the surface of the handle to be easy to use.
    Just remember: every beard wants its razor, so if you need help choosing, just come visit us in our boutique and we’ll help you doing it!

  • Shaving brushes

    Shaving brushes are used to turn shaving cream and soaps into foam.
    They comes in many different bristles type, but there’s no doubt that the highest quality ones are the badger’s ones: they are flexible but resistant, they preserve the heat and hold water inside.
    But not all badger’s bristles are equal: SilverTip are the best and they’ve been used for years by the historical brand Kent, founded in 1777.
    Most of Kent’s shaving brushes are handmade and the exclusive SilverTip model is made with pure SilverTip bristles, very thin and bright silver on top, placed in a flared way, so that they could hold as much water as possible to help you put creams and foams on your face.

    Our advice: to recognize a good handmade shaving brush just hold the handle and slide your thumb horizontally at the base of the bristles; if you’re not seeing any rigidity at the point where all the bristles converge, than that’s a real good handmade one you should not miss.

  • Shaving Soaps and Creams

    Leave aside your old usual tin bottle of spray foam, which is also full of gas that pollute the environment: the traditional and classical shaving needs something better.
    The most traditional way to prepare your skin is using a shaving soap. It takes some more minutes, of course, but it works great. The shaving soap looks exactly like a solid soap, but it becomes creamy when rubbed with a shaving brush full of water in a container.

    Our advice: you need to generously put soap on your face and leave the soap/foam there for a few minutes, so your beard can absorb it a little bit and smooth itself.
    The shaving soap container is really fundamental because it helps you creating the perfect cream’s consistency. Take your time and have fun: you will love this new shaving routine.