Just a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, Eredi Chiarini store in Florence offers a complete and personalized shopping experience that finds its roots in the centuries-old history of a Florentine family, always able to interpret the style of true gentlemen in an authentic and original way, in a large space capable of perfectly linking tradition and innovation. There are three sales areas in which the best collections of men’s clothing and accessories are housed: one for casual style, one for a more classic style and a more intimate and reserved area dedicated to made to measure clothing. Entering the Eredi Chiarini store is like embarking on a pleasant journey, a journey in which classic embraces modern in a new and never banal way, accompanied by the discreet and warm guidance of our personal shoppers.

The origins

Eredi Chiarini encases a centuries-old history of passion for fabrics and men’s clothing. It all began in 1894 when Nonna Genni opened a fabric store which she then left to her daughter Norma and her husband Otello to manage . Even the grandchildren Marco and Andrea are passionate about their grandmother’s and parents’ work, so much so that in 1970 they opened their first clothing store. Its success was fast and unexpected.

The Style

Thanks to the love for elegance and details taught in the family, the two brothers developed a unique and recognizable style, by traveling and researching. They offered garments and accessories of unquestionable quality and taste, capable of interpreting the desires of a demanding and curious male audience. Then, like today, to a fleeting and expensive fashion, we prefer style. To an impersonal purchase we contrast the preciousness of relationships that are cultivated over time and the personalized service.

Made to measure

Unique and distinctive; so are the tailored garments that we are able to make in about four weeks, thanks to the collaboration with the best artisan laboratories carefully selected by us. Made with high quality fabrics like Loro Piana, Ariston, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Caccioppoli, Drapers, Zegna, Woodhouse, Thomas Mason, Albini and Scabal, our bespoke products represent the manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy products, renowned throughout the world. They will make you feel elegant in a natural and casual way.

Why choose Eredi Chiarini store in Florence

Quality and style

Eredi Chiarini is a guarantee of high quality clothing and accessories and timeless style, an expression of the best creativity and the highest national and international craftsmanship.

Shopping as an experience

Our customer’s sensations and feelings are important. When a person enters our store, we want them to feel welcomed and free to live a pleasant experience of search and discovery.

Personalized service

Each customer is different from the other and each one deserves attention. Our personal shoppers are at the customers’ service, to advise them based on their desires, tastes and characteristics.

Personalized products

Since we believe that every individual is unique and that clothing is a way to express something about ourselves, we have developed a “Tailored” service: the excellence of the Italian tailoring tradition at the service of our customers.

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