Vacation in Riviera: 4 impeccable garments


Whether it’s a day of fun at the seaside, a weekend of sailing or a vacation on the coast: here you will find four garments to put in your suitcase and wear, to become impeccable even on the Riviera.

Learn a few a tricks to pack the perfect suitcase here. From a dip in the sea, to an aperitif on the terrace, use our quick but essential guide to men’s fashion Summer 2017, for a splendid beach vacation.

SWIMS Boat Shoe

The Norwegian brand SWIMS reinvents the traditional boat shoe according to its own DNA using the latest generation of materials and solutions combined with bright and brilliant colors for summer. Obtaining a similar look to the classic boat loafer, although made from a natural rubber, making it extremely lightweight. The sole is anti-slip and non marking, whilst the construction facilitates small holes used as water outlets and for rapid drying.

MC2 Saint Barth Swimsuit


The prints of the MC2 brand beachwear collection tell a story of the energy and the atmosphere of the Caribbean island of Saint Barth. The vibrantly coloured costumes are made of lightweight, quick-drying fabrics. It’s the perfect option if you want to maintain your unique style, as well as displaying a splash of colour at the beach.

GRP Linen Shirt


Fantasia marinière, in beige and blue, but also in green, these are all options for the linen shirt of the brand, Made in Tuscany GRP. Soft and cool, this men’s shirt is ideal for a seaside evening: keeping its shape well as it resists the creases and can be packed into a suitcase without occupying too much space.

Andrea Ventura Moccasin Tasca


The key to comfort is in the Tuscan moccasin brand, Andrea Ventura. Made of remarkably soft suede (more specifically called cashmere suede) these Tasca model moccasins are lightweight, fully foldable and suitable for the most varied combinations.