Wardrobe change: The Summer Field Jacket

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Whether inspired even in the minimal details by the original version or a contemporary reinterpretation in style and colors: the summer field jacket is a versatile and timeless garment. Here are two models worth investing in.

Just like for the majority of outerwear, the origins of the Field Jacket as well are to be found in the history of military wear. Searching through the archives of military fashion, there are several models. The most famous variants are the M41 Field Jacket and above all the M65 Field Jacket, a four pocket cotton jacket – two on the sides and two on the chest, as to always have ammunition at hand – introduced in 1965 by the United States Army during the war in Vietnam, replacing the less performing M51 jacket.

Used primarily in extreme environments, the Field Jacket essentially had to be: practical and water and wind resistant.

It is precisely for these reasons that, through the years, the Field Jacket has rightfully entered into men’s wardrobe choices.

Herno Field Jacket details
Herno Field Jacket details © Eredi Chiarini

Modern men’s Field Jackets vary in style, materials and technical performance but for it
to be defined as such, it must retain some of the distinctive traits of the garment, which can be summarized as follows:

  • 4 large front pockets
  • A soft collar that can be buttoned and contains a hood
  • Front zipper and buttons that close to cover it
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Mid length that protects but doesn’t interfere with movement
  • soft shoulder with shoulder straps
  • drawstring, or internal cord that allows you to tighten the jacket at the waist

Unlike the original jackets, made to be used all year round thanks to practical detachable inner linings, current field jackets are made of different materials that follow the changing seasons: technical materials for winter, cotton for Spring Summer.

Here are some types of Field Jackets to pick for the Spring Summer 2018 season:

Herno Field Jacket

Herno Field Jacket
Herno Field Jacket © Eredi Chiarini

A military green field jacket, which in color and style is quite faithful to the original version. This model was recovered from the historical archives of the brand: it is the classic multi-pocket, with an adjustable fit thanks to an adjustable drawstring at the waist and bottom, the hood folds into the collar, a windproof double slider closure with hidden buttons, flapped pockets and bellowed sleeves to facilitate arm movement.

Fay Field Jacket

Fay Field Jacket details
Fay Field Jacket details © Eredi Chiarini

Fay’s more contemporary Field Jacket can be found in beige and blue.
Of the original model the jacket maintains the multi-pocket concept, inner hood, closure with a zipper and buttons, shoulder straps and a drawstring at the waist. In addition the iconic Fay metal hook on the neck.