Wedding Attire: What to wear?


Whether its your special day or of a loved one, it will definitely be a memorable moment.
Certainly one you’ll want to remember feeling elegant and completely yourself. There are many factors involved for men when choosing an appropriate wedding suit. This is our advice to keep you well informed and confident before you purchase one of your own.

What suit do I choose?

The best way to determine what to wear is a combination of knowing the time of day and style of the wedding, as well as adding your own personal touch. A wedding suit is focused on its features over functionality.
Depending on the formality of the wedding, you can focus on looking refined in perfectly fitted threads or you can choose a versatile look, to be worn again for another occasion after changing the accessories.

The style is influenced mostly by the location, from formal, traditional weddings in a church, to casual, modern interpretations in outdoor scenes such as the beach. Casual weddings give you the freedom to dress in lighter colours such as light greys or mid blues. A common trend is the jacquard embroidered tight satin waistcoat.

The formal choices traditionally were, the tight (morning suit), but are now quite uncommon. For day ceremonies, you could choose the half tight. An appropriate choice for the evenings should be a classic men’s three piece suits.
The general rule for suitable wear for morning or evenings is lighter shades during the day and darker shades of fabric for the evening.

Think about fabrics such as wool, or wool-blended suits as they are great quality. Suitable lighter fabrics in the warmer months are linen or wool mohair, it keeps you feeling fresh whilst still holding its form.

Just remember to have some fun with styling and make it individual rather than corporate.

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What’s the difference between a tuxedo and a suit?

Traditionally, wedding tuxedos have satin on the lapels, buttons and pocket trim while suits do not. Bow ties were worn only with tuxedos although these rules are now used loosely. Tuxedos are typically worn for special events, for instance, to attend the Oscars or to a gala night, and so, they are regarded as a formal garment worn only in the evenings.
Even tuxedos are the pinnacle of formality in the USA, the Wedding Etiquette doesn’t consider the tuxedo as an good wedding suits option, so we would not recommend a tuxedo for this occasion.

How do I pick the right shoes?

Simple black elegant shoes can work best especially if you are going for a more traditional look. With a blue wedding suit you can also opt for a black elegant shoes or keep an eye out for shades of blue. Steer clear from too much brogue unless it is a country wedding.

Although, understanding men’s classic footwear is a lesson within itself. Follow the link for a detailed guide to choose the correct shoes.

Understanding Men’s Classic Footwear

What are the options for accessories?

The vest: Worn formally with a three piece suit or casually without a jacket. Choose a smooth satin or damask.
Ties and bow ties: Here is a perfect opportunity to give a splash of colour with your choice of hues and patterns. A patterned tie can look great against a dark suit as well as ties in lighter colours to add depth.
Boutonnière: It is traditionally worn pushed through the lapel buttonhole on the left side. However recent jackets have been made without a hole, in that case, do not pin the arrangement down but have a tailor make the hole.
Pocket Square: It is the alternative to the boutonnière if you’re worried about ruining the flowers in the course of the day or if they are just not your style. You are free to experiment with the choice of colours to match or contrast with your tie. Just make sure you do some quick research on the type of fold you would prefer.

A suggestion for the groom when choosing accessories, is to consider a style or specific colours to match your bride. With this in mind, feel free to express your individual flair.