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Why choose a tailored suit for a ceremony

Wedding season is approaching. Whether you are the groom, one of the groomsmen or a mere guest, your look will have to be impeccable. So why not wear a tailor-made suit, with which to fully and authentically experience a unique event, destined to remain in the memories of so many?

Three good reasons to have a tailored suit made for a wedding

There are many good reasons why having a tailored suit made is the best choice for a man. Especially for a ceremony. A unique moment, photographed and filmed by professionals hired to document the occasion, as well as guests’ pictures and videos.

We will illustrate three of them, confident that in the end, you will decide to be impeccable actors in this story.

A tailored suit has a perfect fit and accentuates the personality of the man who wears it

man cerimony suit in black

Have you ever experienced that unpleasant feeling when you stretch out your arm and you feel “stuck” in your jacket? Definitely unpleasant on an ordinary day, it would be even more so on a special occasion in which hugs and handshakes are natural and welcome expressions of joy.

If you know what we are talking about, a perfect fit, you will feel as if you don’t even have it on. Designed for you and sewn (or adapted) on you, it will enhance you and make you feel completely at ease, free to move.

There is another element to keep in mind that with a tailored suit that will not happen. Created to guarantee comfort and ensure keep in mind as well. Because the suit will be made based on your instructions, you can express who you really are. From the choice of fabric to the cut, all the way to the choice of stitching and the form of the pockets, every detail will communicate your personality and style. You will not have to make those compromises that would be necessary if you opted for mass-produced garments.


The quality of a custom-made suit as a sign of appreciation towards the bride and groom

Eredi chiarini abito da cerimonia su misuraA wedding is a special event in which many emotions and expectations are concentrated. If you are one of the groomsmen or a guest, think about how much time, energy and resources the bride and groom spent to make their guests feel welcomed and pampered. Besides the wedding gift, the choice to wear a suit of obvious quality could be a discreet and elegant way to show appreciation and respect. Only something that is tailor-made will guarantee this result.

Created by professional tailors who will have checked every seam, fixed every defect and taken care of every detail, the suit will make you be remembered by the bride and groom and their guests.

If instead, you are the groom, you will surely want to try equal the efforts made by your bride to be unique and to leave an indelible memory. You wouldn’t want to be outdone?!

For the bride and groom looking for advice, read our suggestions to help and guide you in choosing the best suit.

A tailored suit is a long-term investment

A tailored suit will last forever. Sure, we will need a few weeks of work and the necessary fittings to make sure we create an excellent product, but be sure that you can reuse it for other occasions.

You will want to wear it not only because it is comfortable and will make you feel impeccable, but also because the craftsmanship with which it was made will make it timeless. Thanks to the quality of the materials, the cut and the workmanship, it will never lose its charm, regardless of the fashion of the moment.

In a world driven by consumerism and inflated by disposable clothes, a tailored suit will be your long-term investment. The fine fabrics used will not be a cost, but a guarantee. You will save on inconveniences such as stitching, wear, fabric discolouration or any problem caused by use and the passage of time. In fact, a tailor-made, artfully crafted garment will require only minor adjustments over the years, ensuring an elegant and distinctive look.

If we have convinced you about the opportunity to have a tailor-made suit made for a ceremony, come and visit us at our store, in Via Porta Rossa 33 / R – Florence, Italy.

Here you can choose from the most renowned Italian tailors such as Cesare Attolini, Kiton and Caruso. We will guide you through a variety of fabrics, such as Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Ariston, just to name a few. We will accompany you in the selection of blends and weights and will suggest the best options based on your needs.

For more information, contact us at

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